Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nostalgia – Episode I

One morning, on one special day, with one special person inside one special ride; Something wonderful, something reminiscent and something beautiful transpired.If this is a dream, I don't wanna wake up.Yes, I want to continue dreaming until it will have a happy ending.

He held my hands, I held his. He smelled my perfume and told me it was sweet.
I smelled his perfume and told him I like it and it was sweet, too.
He looked into my eyes; I met his gaze, too.
Something reminiscent happened.

Few words were spoken; as if the presence of each other on that moment was enough.He missed me as I missed him, too. It was a long time since we saw each other.
Oh how I love this person, and though he won't say a word or two;
I felt that he missed me, cared for me, and love me, too.

He again looked into my eyes, but we remained speechless.
I looked into his eyes and my desire was to shower sweet little kisses on his cheeks;
On his forehead, on his lips, but rather kissed his nape.
Then again, he held my hands and I tightly held his, too.
Speechless, few words were spoken, but the message is clear.
Oh, how we missed each other terribly.

I heard knocks, knocks on the door. . . Oh no! I don't want to wake up, please. . . not now . . Please, tell me this is not just a dream, please tell me this is really happening?!?.
"Hey, you're now late, it's past 7 in the morning". Whoa. . . and it was just a . . .
D R E A M!!!

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