Monday, May 18, 2009

Fantastic Dual Role

For quite some time now, I’ve already been used to playing dual roles to my kids at home – a father and a mother at the same time. Modern age dilemma you may say. Yes, probably. It is already an accepted norm. The father leaves home to work outside the country, thus leaving the mother alone to care for the children. But this sounds better than the opposite where the mother leaves to work abroad and the father will be left to tend for his children, thus assuming a more complicated dual role.                       

Playing both father and mother sometimes have some glitches. Imagine the thought that you’ll gonna have to accompany your boys to a doctor for the circumcision procedure? I have three kids, two are boys. When their age for circumcision came, sure, you guessed it right.

I could hardly find the right words to console them of the pain they underwent after the operation and most of all, I can’t do the task of cleaning and dressing their cuts so they’re left to themselves to the painful routine. I wanted to cry. I felt that I should not be the one doing this and that and if their father was around in those moments, he should have done it patiently. But thank God, we made it. My boys’ wounds healed through my fatherly supervision. I felt I was superman then.

My boys have regular visits to the barber shop. Again, while watching the barber cut my boys’ hair, I would again feel sad and reminds me of the thought that if their father would have been around in those moments, it would be to his delight to see his boys grow up and enjoy barber visits. But he tries to make up every time he’s with them. He would cajole them to go to the barber shop every after two or three weeks. Making up for lost times you know.

But being able to cope up with the demands of being a father and mother at the same time sounds fantastic isn’t it. My husband would always console me and would tell me that I should not be sad about it because in doing so, I deserve a medal for Supermoms. And that would surely put a smile on my lips, and it will make my heart fat and it will inflate my ego. Supermom, huh! Anyone out there? Join my club!

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