Sunday, May 24, 2009


As I was rummaging through some files and arranging them for proper safekeeping, my attention was caught by a card which my kids sent to their father during one of his birthdays. Inside it, I saw a poem which they dedicated to their father and I was so touched. It was written in a whole bond paper. Let me share it with you.
Remembering our childhood with you
Brings joy and tears to our eyes
   Joys for the times that you cared for us
With such tenderness like we were prince and princesses
Tears for the times when we would feel your
Painful but loving whip and thunderous voice
But now you work far away

We can feel your lonely absence
Though we know that the reason
You’ve gone is for our sake.
Still we miss you dearly,
We miss to hear your hearty laughter
We miss to hear your fatherly voice
We miss to feel your sweet embrace
We miss to feel your painful way of teaching us
What is right from wrong.
But most of all, we miss your presence with us Dad...
If we could only have wings to fly
We would fly miles between us
So that once again, we would feel the sweet
And tender love of a father like you.

We love and missed you so much,
Michelle, Kevin and Kenneth
2day is d 12th day of October, 2006 
It could be gleaned from their message that they wrote said poem for their Dad becaused they missed his presense and everything a father has to offer for his children when he's with them. 
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