Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Essence of Blogging

The first time I was interested in writing blogs, is because I was encourage by a high school classmate. And I realized that it was a very good way of killing boredom. So I wrote and wrote and wrote blogs. That’s when I was totally bored and sleepless. Going back to the first few blogs that I have written when I first set foot in the world of blogging, I could only smile in disbelief how naïve are my thoughts and the contents of my blogs. I surmised I was not really much into it. I just want to write, that’s all. Just write. That’s all. Just to kill boredom and sleepless nights, that’s all.

As months passed by, there were followers of my blogs who’d tell me they like what I write. They’d tell to me keep on writing because they are my avid followers. I was quite encouraged. I have followers from Russia, from India and maybe the others are from any part of the world. So, I went global. I didn’t know that there were more surprises in store for me. Some things I will not reveal it here anymore, because they are already to be treated confidentially.

As time passed by, there were unexpected innuendos from my readers. On my part, I feel sad if I can’t write for them, but since most of the time I am tired with so many things at home and at work, I have to rest and really take the needed rest, thus forsaking my love to write. It seems that there no more sleepless nights, instead I’m dying to have more sleeping hours. It seems that I don’t feel bored anymore; hence my love for writing is even more lessened.

My blogs have become a variety. Sometimes I write blogs about the daily cares of life. I write some based from personal experiences and lately, I tried fiction writing and some readers say, they enjoy reading them in any way I treat my blogs.

But what would you do when you were just writing blogs because you want to kill boredom and sleepless nights, and then somebody would tell you he’s falling in love with your blogs. Maybe that’s au’ natural. But anyway, whoever you are, thanks so much for falling in love with my blogs.

By the way, I have already finished Chapter 4 of my short story, my try at fiction writing. This time, I may be posting a couple of blogs simultaneously. And that’s because I have some little time left for writing in spite of my, well, exciting and busy life lately.

I am more than thankful for blogging has changed my life a little better. It has because my avenue for expressing some deep-seated thoughts in my heart and mind. It has become my instrument for pouring out my heartaches and disappointments in life; my joys and happiness; my contentment and discontentment and many more. My blogs have surely metamorphosed from one boring and uninteresting blogs to more touching and fascinating blogs.

Followers, thank you. Honestly speaking, I have no regrets of sometimes being engrossed in the world of blogging. And I am just so thankful for a couple of persons. I will just tell them personally if who they are.

And for you avid followers, I may only write Chapter 5 and the other succeeding chapters of my short story when the most awaited event in my life would have been realized. That would surely give me much inspiration and an unexpected fulfillment in my existence in this world. So hold on, readers! And thanks so much to all of you.

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