Thursday, July 02, 2009

Curse or Not?

My husband and I are fond of helping other people like sending them to college. It's just that we want these people to have a better future. But in so doing, still there are other people who are envious of what we're doing. Like, they would rather prefer that they're the ones who would be helped out. But in fairness, why should we help others who are already married and have their own family? We are only after these young people who are poor but deserving to make them realize their dreams.

But lately, we have been tested, again. This is the second time that when our student is about to enter their 4th year in college, things turned up the wrong way. Of late, my niece suffered depression and anxiety disorder. We could hardly talk to her. We have exhausted all means to dig into what's bothering her but all our efforts were futile. After almost a month of battling with her disorder, I finally gave up on her, accepted the fact that she's dropping from her classes this first semester and that she's gonna be delayed in her course, if she will still continue it next semester.

We were all so hopeful, believing that come March 2010, we will already have our first college graduate. But then, our faith has been tested, our patience waned. We got tired of prodding her to go to school. I spent sleepless nights attending to her. I can't believe it myself that she, being an intelligent girl, would succumb to depression. I have fairly treated all of them, and equally with my own kids. But why on earth did she suffer such disorder? She told me once it was about her family, then after learning that, I tried to comfort her and told her that everything will be fine anyway I am always with her and we love her. But those endearing words never worked on her anymore. The degree of her disorder might be such that she needs a psychiatrist.

That's why this morning, while we were having breakfast with my other college scholar, now in 3rd year college, I told her to please break the curse, if it is a curse for me and my husband. I was relieved when she promised me that such curse, if it is so, will never happen again because she's really dedicated and would do all means to finish her course. I was so happy to hear her say that.

If this is a curse for our family or not, then let it be broken.


  1. Well I don't think it is a curse in your part since you both show your endearing love to all of your schoolars that is equally treated as what you treated your kids. If it is a curse,.. then I myself would stayed away in helping other people so that curse would not happen to me,.. and maybe if it would happen to me I don't know how to faced it... maybe I would curse those what I have done in doing good things to others.

  2. yes,'re really an avid follower. I just wrote that blog a few minutes back and there you are posting your comment. anyway...thanks...that would encourage me to go on writing. see my latest blog, chapter 3 of Just Color My Word