Monday, July 27, 2009

They Pour in Buckets

When trials come, they pour in buckets!

Of late, and in just a matter of a couple of months, I've had so much trials, a test of my faith in God.

My kids got sick one after the other. My other ward was forced to quit school, she being a 4th year college already, due to anxiety disorders. So much money has been spent. And just last week, my hubby called informing me that he will undertake an unexpected medical sign-off from sea-based work in Europe for more or less two months.

And as if a coincidence or maybe that a very good and dear friend of mine, suffered some trials, too. He shared of a failed house mortgage loan (if that would be the right term i may use here, please correct me if I am wrong). And many other failed financial investments. I just don't know why. I told him as if to console him because I may have been a part of some of the failures, well, that's it, "when trials come, they pour in buckets". Not just tears that pour in buckets, you know.

What I am sharing here is just a slice of the pie. In fact, there are more other serious matters that have affected my existence. And maybe, my dear friend's existence, too. (My apologies to you my beloved friend).

What's nice about those things that are happening in our separate existence is that, we have each other to console us.

Those trials have become more bearable. And we have to share each other that these trials will come to pass and hope, it will be soon.


  1. Trials is already a part of our life, it gives us a challenge on how we face the problems either it is small or big. Trials make us weak or makes us strong, it depends on how we faced the trials either we solve it by ourselves or get help to someone who is trusted. The important is you must overcomes the trials, don't be afraid to face the trials,.. lets us beat it,..

  2. Just remember, God doesnt send us trials which we are unable to handle. Everything will be fine and things will improve :)
    Good luck, take good care and God bless :)