Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rains and Tears

Last June, I went to Baguio City to attend a seminar and at the same time visit my two college kids. While we’re traversing Naguillian Road going up to Baguio, the road was zero visibility due to very thick fogs that blanketed the highway. Our bus was crawling like crab and the driver was turning his head in disappointment. We were like running in turtle-paced speed. Instead of the usual 45 minutes drive from Bauang, La Union, it almost took us two hours before reaching the City of Pines.
I was wide awake. I can’t close my eyes lest any single second I will do it, we’re already plunging into the deep ravine on the side of the road. I maybe the only wide-eyed companion of the driver. I was praying so hard that we will reach our destination safe and sound. And thank God, we did.
After a day in Baguio, an inclement weather set in. I thought it was just heavy downpour but when strong winds started to accompany the heavy rains, I knew a typhoon is coming our way. We were at the mall with my kids just after our seminar session for that day. We’re in a queue waiting our turn to board a cab and then our umbrellas started to fold and almost wanted to get out and stop clinging from the strong grips of our hands. We’re reduced to folding our umbrellas instead of sacrificing its longer life span. Before we could board a cab, our bodies were almost dripping with water.
The whole night, rains keep pounding on the roofs of everyone’s abode, coupled with strong winds. The following day, if not for the early morning thick fogs, then we’re so helpless watching the strong downpour.
It took more or less four straight days before the typhoon abated. I went to the market. While on my way with a companion who volunteered to help me, she told me that long heavy downpour helps Baguio get a clean bath once in a while. True to what she said, I tried to look down waterways we have passed by and really, the water down the rivers was crystal clear. Baguio indeed had taken a very good bath from the heavy rains.
After the heavy rains, there’s a positive result for the City of Baguio. Indeed, the heavy downpour was really good for this summer capital of the Philippines.
Have you cried lately? Cried so hard as if your heart will break and your nose will clog of unwanted mucous? If heavy downpour gives us a fresh new environment, I would say, crying your heart out, your heartaches would do the same for you.
Me? Yes, I did cry so hard the other night and in somebody’s invisible arms and shoulders. And it did give me a time to unload all my heartaches, all the hurt feelings that have been lodging inside me for quite a long time now, maybe for several years now. Though my head was like spinning and aching while I was crying and my nose was so clogged with unwanted fluids, my heart felt like it has been unburdened. I felt better after that buckets of tears fell from my eyes. I have longed to do for a long time now but I needed somebody to listen to me. And thanks, there was that invisible someone who did care to listen to me. All I could do at the moment was unload everything and he did caringly, heartily and lovingly listened to me. Thanks to you my friend. I hope you wouldn’t tire giving me a shoulder to cry on.
After that heavy downpour from my eyes, I felt I wanted to sleep. And I did. I was in a deep slumber so that the following morning I felt I still wanted to stay in bed for the rest of the day. This time, I wanted a long bed rest to recuperate from the past few weeks that I had been so burdened with a lot of cares. I am now contemplating of taking a long leave from work so I can totally rest and recuperate my state of health. Maybe, I will do so very soon. Yes, very soon. In a place where there is peace and quiet and open air. In a farm maybe. In my dream Farmville.

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