Sunday, September 05, 2010


A remote cottage
nestled among trees, flowers
a clear pond nearby


Some notes on the picture: Another cross-stitch work of mine, which I had a great time working on it while I was on maternity leave nursing my youngest child. A labor of love...;) :)... That was 15 years back, as you can see there are already smudges around the frame, a sign of old age! ;)

Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: BEAUTY


  1. Nice Haiku... Loved it...

    --Somoen Is Special--

  2. A romantic beauty described here! So lovely!

  3. Beautiful Haiku in keeping with the prompt. Loved the cross stitch work which is another beautiful piece of art.
    You are really good in thoughts, words and art work too. :)
    Have a great day Amity!!

  4. This is so beautiful.. Amity.. a dream abode..

  5. Thank you, thank you so much Sam!

    Your comments are so inspiring, as always!

    Have a happy week ahead!

  6. Hi Someone, thank so much, glad you loved my haiku! :)

  7. Thanks so mucho Nanka...I happy to note you loved both the cross-stitch work and the haiku!

    Have a happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of the working week like I wish to do! :)

  8. HI Sabi, good morning! Your thoughtful comments helped me start my day right at home and in office!

    Thank you so much, you're really a sunshine to my soul! :)

  9. this is what where i want to run.. :)

    and the cross-stitch---- beautiful... i want it to be my hideout.. my dream abode. i loved it more than the previous 1 :)

    love u

  10. After a long day, this sight will surely bring relief. Please have a good week and thank you for your kind words.

    daily athens

  11. Both imagination and drawing are beauty!