Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joie de Vivre

an innocent smile
from a baby’s face

a warm hug
from a loved one

playing peek-a-boo
with dear daddy

a walk in the beach
on a lazy sunset

a few laps in the pool
on a beautiful sunrise

a hot coffee and a good book
on a cold winter night

watching kids
play hide and seek

 seeing a colorful butterfly
feasts on a lovely flower

listening to birds chirping 
hopping from branch to branch

ah, the simple joys of living
they are endless

you can’t count them
by your fingers

but deep in your heart
you know that simple things are
what make you happiest!


Written for:

Prompt: Joie de Vivre

Photo courtesy: All images are taken from!


  1. Those are wonderful choices.
    And my book comes out next month in all forms, Amity.

  2. This is lovely Amity...your words and phtoos aptly describe the joys of life. Nicely written.

  3. It is wonderful post telling us that joy comes once we realise how special the moments we experience are.Even small things of daily occurence like a walk on the beach with someone we love,a tight hug from a child, the wagging of the tail by the pet in welcome when we enter our home, the aroma of coffee from the kitchen or the smell of a new book as we open its pages bring great joy..We would miss these delightful moments if we do not stop to savour them..' Let us stop and smell the roses and enjoy the small joys in our lives'
    Were the verses written for the pictures or the pictures found for the verses?.They are so apt and seem to be made for each other.Great job indeed.

  4. Amity.... the post is so so wonderful! loved all the pictures and all the combination of simple words that accompanied them. :)

  5. Yes Amity.. we always know.. and we do go into those moments whenever opportunity arises.. reading such lovely take on prompt gave me a lot of joy that stemmed from each line in full flow. . well crafted and thought out..

  6. Ah! Small things fill us with joy! :) :)

  7. A lesson not to be forgotten. We have so many blessings that we should enjoy. If so there should be ample 'joy in living.'

  8. Thanks a lot Alex...:)

    And thanks for the info re your upcoming book release! I'll grab a copy for sure! :)

  9. Thank you so much Write Girl! Glad you like it! :)

  10. Hi Vee,
    Thanks so much dear, happy to note you loved my post!

    Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead! :)

  11. Hi Meera;

    That's true and thank you so much! We should know that simple things can make us happy depending on how we take life!

  12. Hi Jim;

    Yes, true! If we know how to be thankful with the many blessings in life God is giving us, then that's simply 'joy in living'! :)

  13. Lovely words, and yes, it's always those simple things.

  14. Yes, it is Anthony, thanks so much! :)

  15. Simple things like this poem is what makes me happiest!

    Beautiful work.

  16. You really have a nice long list of simple things in life that give you great pleasure!! Real joie de vivre in its true sense!! :)

  17. So true, it really is the simple things in life that make it worthwhile. An refreshing and beautiful write, Amity.

  18. Hi Sam, good morning!

    Thanks son! You are right, simple things really give us immense pleasure!

    Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

  19. Hi Aoife;

    Thanks so much dear, glad you loved it! Good morning ... :)

  20. Yeah Nanka, they're a long list of simple things but they make me happiest!

    Good morning and have a wonderful start of the week Nanka... :)

  21. That is true,..deep in our hearts is full of happiness when our love one is with us,...hopefully I would be with my lovely one again too. Nice one Amity dear.

  22. Thanks for sharing your very beautiful joy.

  23. This is so, so true Amity. It is the little simple things that we tend to take advantage of, that we miss the most when they are gone.
    Love Di ♥

  24. Hi Amity :D,

    I had been looking for you as well: although I am following your blog, I couldn't remember its title (silly me); but now I have written it down and I won't be missing it again :D.

    I loved the baby pics: soooo cute! This post reminds us of what is important in life: love (not only for others but for the simple things in existence).


  25. Are the pictures yours? They go so well with the words! Believe it or not I haven't dropped by in a while but I'm glad I stopped by.
    Good Going!

  26. love your blog!!!!
    hope you'll enjoy mine

  27. That is true my dear Diana...while we could have a chance to enjoy those moments, let us do!

    Love you,


  28. Hi Max;

    We are really both Silly...:) I am missing good posts from your blogs for forgetting to bookmark yours... :)

    Oh, babies? They make me silly, I love babies you know, and it does even reflect in my posts!

    Thanks for loving my post dear... :)

  29. Thanks Sidra, glad you like it...and yeah, thanks for dropping by there in your blog just just quite busy these past few days! :)

  30. Thanks Haisle, glad you love my blog...will drop by soon! :)

  31. yah,...hopefully...if I am still alive.

  32. Love that! The simple joys ARE the best!!!!!! We were thinking along the same lines this week!

  33. Amity, wonderful heartfelt words. Yes we all must see the gifts given and the wonders and joy of this life. Lovely.


  34. Oh so true - all of these contribute immeasurably to joy of being. Lovely photos and words.

  35. Thanks so much Patti, glad you loved it! :)

    Thinking along the same way? Oh, we have the same heart maybe... :)

  36. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks a lot dear! Glad you like it! :) And we must really see all the gifts given to us though how simple they are packaged!

  37. Thanks Ruth, they really are the simple joys of living!
    Good morning! :)

  38. Lovely truely of joys and happiness!

  39. Thanks Perry, this was my post last Sunday I guess.. :)