Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Michiko

Princess Michiko. But her pet name was princess. Though not in the direct line of ascending a throne, her parents belonged to a royal lineage with all the perks and vestiges that go with it. A palace in the city, a castle in the country, tax free income, insignia, horses, coach, liveried servants, the awe and respect from the people, they had everything. A bubbly little girl precocious for her age and pretty in looks, she was a bundle of mischief but still lovable and adorable. The only daughter of Duke Alex and Duchess Lyn, she would one day be a duchess herself. Wow, what a blessing to be born a princess?

One fine morning, she urged her nanny to allow her to join the kids in the play ground a little farther from her parents’ mansion  flying kites, skipping ropes, jumping jacks  and  playing with abandon, name it and they have every game and thoroughly enjoying it.

But her nanny was adamant in her refusal scared as she was of being taken to task by the duke and duchess if they found out their little princess playing with commoners. No amount of tearful pleading or persuasion could move her nanny. Michiko had to be content seeing them play from her balcony. As luck would have it, one late afternoon when nanny was not around, she heard the boisterous laughter of the kids from yonder. Impelled by strong desire she quietly removed her shoes from her dainty feet, tiptoed on the large hallway downstairs and hurried unseen across the gate in barefoot as fast as her legs could carry her.

At first, her feet were quite wobbly, a li’l bit painful and a li'l bit shaky as she had never walked barefoot let alone on the pavement. Her heart was pounding in excitement of the fun she would have with her soon-to-be playmates.

Tip…toe…tip…toe, then kids came running near her. “Who are you?” asked one of the daring kids dressed in soiled clothes…

“I am Princess Michiko. I have come here wishing to play with you all,” she answered with a beaming smile. “I want to be friends with you all…” while pointing her dainty-reddish fingers to each and everyone around her, “and that is the reason I escaped unseen,” she added without any guile.

The kids looked at each other in a perplexed manner. She looked different with her braided hair in her spotless silk gown of brocades and embroidery. There was not a speck of dirt in her silky skin unlike their dirty clothes and muddy legs. She is not one of them they thought as they slowly one after the other left her alone. “Why are they leaving? Why wouldn’t they play with me? I can also get dirty like them if they wish so,” she thought. The little girl could control no longer the tears flowing from her eyes. She waited at the spot looking at the children receding away from her again in laughter and noise.

Wait!!! One girl stopped and started walking towards her. Slowly the other urchins followed suit though haltingly. Soon Princess Michiko was surrounded by all the kids once again with some looking at her with wonder and some were trying to touch her. The girl who turned towards her first said “I am Mariah. We all wish to be your friend, if you don’t mind. You look like a real princess.”  Teary-eyed Michiko said, “Thanks….but I may not be able to come daily though I will try. I am glad you are all friends to me now. I will treasure it. Let me go. My nanny is watching….”

As she tiptoed back home, she saw her friends waving hands at her. Her nanny who had been watching met her half way and said, “do not worry, I will allow them to enter our garden and play with you once a week. We can even give them cookies, chocolates and candies to eat….Wipe the tears now and be cheerful…”

She did try to make friends with the commoners. She succeeded.

And from then on, Princess Michiko remained a cheerful, well-loved princess by her commoner-playmates.


Written for Thursday Tales

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  1. What a cute little tale Amity!! Made me smile :)
    Even the name 'Princess Michiko' is so adorable!! :D
    Like Like!!

  2. Lovely tale Amity. Made a wonderful mid-day read.
    So innocent and cute!! :)
    The simplicity with which you narrated it was so smooth and clean.
    Loved it Amity!!

  3. Thank you so much dear Rumz...actually, my only daughter, the oldest in a brood of three is nicknamed Empress Michiko... til now we call her as michiko... :) that inspired me to use the name princess hubby's name is alex and my other nickname is lyn, so some kind of fairytale stories, made for the books only... lols...

    thank you so much dear, happy to note you like it... :) g'nayt...sweet fairytale dreams... :)

  4. Hi Nanka,

    Thanks a lot dear Nanka, I wish i were Princess Michiko...just a wish, just a dream, so i could dreamily write about her in such a way she would be loved by readers like you!

    have a blessed evening...:)

  5. Lovely Tale.. Very cute.. I loved the princess..

    Mine is up..

    --Someone Is Special--

  6. Thanks Someone...sure will come soon to your place.... :) Good morning... :)

  7. It is a soft and soothing tale telling that children have no barriers for friendship based on wealth,status,colour or creed.Their innocence is brought out as Mariah turns back seeking Michiko's hand for friendship. A lovely tale indeed

  8. Thanks KP...and I did enjoy narrating the tale myself... :)

  9. Thanks KP for finding it lovely... :) Good morning!

  10. This is such a sweet and endearing tale. I am sure the princess will grow up to be someone important and not forget the poor who surround her. Lovely writing as always Amity.

  11. Thanks Write Girl....yes, we wish she will not forget the poor who became her friends... :)

  12. An enjoyable, uplifting tale.

  13. Thanks so much Anthony, glad you found it enjoyable and uplifting... :)

  14. What a joy to read in the middle of the night.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  15. Thanks Ramesh... :-) For commoners like us, it would be a privilege to mingle with those in higher caste! :-)