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She was restless the whole night. The pain and agony was unbearable. She cannot take it anymore, she decided. “This will be the last session,” she thought to herself.

 “Can you still manage some more chemos? I know it is painful but we should not stop the course midway,” the doctor gently said.

“I am bent on giving up Doc. You have said yourself earlier it is incurable. Why then is this punishment?” she answered obstinately tinged with sadness. He knew she alternated between bad periods of total weakness and acute pain and tolerable intervals with some minor discomfort.

She wrapped her shawl over her and went outside her home one late evening. It was cold and foggy and the mood was depressing. She walked with a heavy heart over the creaking bridge that she had often frequented. She heard the distant howl of an owl, as if portending something dreadful to happen.

Step by step, she walked to the middle of the bridge. “What is there to live for, you abandoned me when I needed you most,” she whispered to herself in between tears and painful sobs. Her thoughts hovered around her lover who vanished like a coward once he knew she was afflicted with cancer. "Would she have done this to him if he were in her position," she asked herself.

Gripping the railings of the bridge, she let her eyes wander around for the last moment. She suddenly recalled those happy times when they walked on the bridge hand in hand and hoping that those happy moments will last forever. "How fickle the human nature is," she wondered.

She closed her eyes, drew a deep breath and gathered all the strength left in  her and heaved herself over the bridge plunging  into the deep cold waters  while she muttered….“I know you will never return to me anymore. But til death I will love you James no matter what you did to me. I shall keep my side of our promise”!

Splash!!!…gurgling sound for a while….then silence! A deafening silence............!

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  1. Lovely tale, it used the pic effectively.. I loved the way she perpared herself to jump and the promise.. Great work Amity...

    Between do check your link in the blog-a-ton, I got a broken link message..

    All the best for BAT..

    Someone Is Special

  2. Sad! You brought out her emotional state very well. Btw, your link at blogaton did not really work. Might want to check that out.

  3. Thanks KP! It is really a sad reality for the girl! What more can be done than end life soonest, instead of wait for the final blow after too much and longer suffering?

  4. Thanks Meera, you are right! Blogging will never be a priority. I started this passion when I was alone and hubby was away due to work but when he is home I try to give lesser time to it to give quality time to my family.

    Now with you, studies must be a priority and blogging will just be second. Anyways, blogging will just be around!

    Thanks Meera, have a beautiful weekend... Hugs!!!:)

  5. Thanks Deepak!

    I wish you the same!!!

  6. Thanks Someone, glad you like my story!

    And thanks for your concern re: blog link error! I have checked it a while back and hopefully it now work!

    All the best, too! ;)

  7. Thanks to you The Fool!

    Oh I don't feel comfy addressing you as The Fool. Anyways, that's your blog pen name, let it be!

  8. Yes it's really sad Dreamer!

    Re; link, thanks so much for pointing out the error. I already checked it and hope it works now! Thanks again dear!

    All the best! :)

  9. Your interpretation is profound and unique. A sad and powerful tale, Amity, your words are truly beautiful.

  10. Very nice & different choice of story for the topic, reminded me of Sweet November movie, i think a partner should let go off if their life is not gonna continue due to such big disease or reasons like this. All the best for BAT

  11. Thanks so much Vignesh...glad you liked my story line. It's really hard to come up with a good story you know! But thanks, you and my other readers loved this story!

    Have a beautiful Sunday! :)

  12. Thanks Jaspreet! It is a sad reality. Mean people continue to live a happy life while the oppressed may either die or live in turmoil...

    Good morning!

  13. Thanks Saket, glad you like my short story. All the best to you, too!!!

  14. Thanks to you to my dear Yami...:)

    Glad you like it! :) Good morning...:))

  15. Is it? Well, I have not seen the movie but heard about it, but no, I dunno of the story line of the movie...:)))

    Thanks so much Astro, glad you liked it...:))

    Have a beautiful Sunday and all the best too!!!

  16. And good luck with BATON 14 :)

  17. Hi Amity!! A very touching tale...sad it had to end that way. Women sometimes have a hard life and in their moment of weakness do take some wrong and drastic steps...

  18. Oh my Amity, how dramatic! I love your writing. Is that the end for sure or will there be a continuation? Love Di ♥

  19. A well short written and emotional story. I compliment your concept behind the topic. Best of luck for BAT

  20. Could only draw inspiration from this tale.
    Well written.

  21. Yes it is Nanka...but it does happen!

    Thanks so much again, glad you like it! :)

  22. Sorry about my comment platform, Disqus sometimes is into maintenance...:)

    Your comments not lost Kshitij! :) And yeah, when it is your first time, you comment will not show up immediately, but if your second time, it will show na, because I would have already added you to the Whitelist! :)

  23. Hi Di...*smiles*...

    It's a short story and sure, that's the end, but storytellers can make a good twists if he wants a sequel to it...:)

    Thanks Di! Hope the steroids are making you better! Take care! :)

  24. Hi Maverick,

    Thanks so much, glad you like my take on the story! :)

    All the best to you too! :)

  25. Sorry for some glitches made by Disqus...must have down due to some maintenance work...:(