Monday, October 11, 2010

My First Love... :-)

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A blog friend
Nanka her name
Spurs me always
'Write your acrostics
Excellent they are
Really your forte'

P.S. Hi Nanka, thanks for your constant encouragement, now here I am doing and going back to my first love, my passion with writing – Acrostics… Wow... you are very perceptive, I’d say, let’s enjoy this poetry form in the name of LOVE for the Arts!


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Penned inspiring thoughts
Admired by many
Streaks of wisdom
Stirring magical words
Indelible memories etched
On your mind
Never is lost


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Hearken the melody
Unendingly playing inside
Mesmerizing in tune
Making me pulsate
In tandem with
Notes of charm
Giving soothing repose


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Every time I try to write, mind goes blank
My feelings sink, I feel its prank
Poor me, what am I gonna do
This feeling makes me so blue
Yes you surely know what is "writer's block'

P.P.S. It’s been more than a couple of months now since I stopped writing Acrostics, coz I just feel empty, ‘empty headed’, what they call writer’s block???..huh!, but that’s too high-sounding I guess.. :P... I don’t belong yet to that league of ‘real writers’…and am just a neophyte, trying hard ... :P to become one soon???… :P :XD


Written for Acrostic Only
Prompts: Answer, Passion, Humming, Empty


  1. Wow!! Amity you have really made a comeback into Acrostics with a flurry of acrostics poems!! Glad you decided to restart and you do justice to this form of writing. With your magic writing you really do leave an indelible footprint in your readers minds. Every post has a soothing touch which you do so cleverly and promptly!! Happy Days again Amity!!

  2. aww.... all these are fantastic :-). You really have a way with words :-)

  3. I see so much talent here...
    well done poetry,
    stunning images.

  4. Beautiful Excellent Acro's Dear :) :) Enjoyed Reading :) :)

  5. Thanks my dear, of course, every time i see her write an acrostic, i feel a pain, like hunger pangs...he he he to write again and go back to my first i decided one night, it's not bad if i do it again...;-) afterall, it is fun, so here i am joing the fun with your Mom with writing acros.................