Sunday, October 10, 2010

Without Blemish

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A child’s mind is pure
Innocent, without blemish
Blissful is her world.


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Blemish


  1. Years ago I wrote..

    You may be a star or a scar
    Child will accept you as you are

    They are so innocent, pious and pure.. growing up sometimes changes all this.. but I think core that hide behind fake realities stays pure and the struggle is to reach back there.. Thanks Amity for all your wonderful comments as always.. you know that you inspire...

  2. Yes, Theresa, me too! Thank you so much! :-)

  3. Yes, that's true Meera, hence these penned thoughts...good morning and thanks so much! :-)

  4. Oh really, they you must enjoy his presence to the fullest...those moments with him would be worth reminiscing... :-) Thanks Rumya... :-)

  5. PS. thanks my dear for the photo made we win for BAT 15! that would be history for you and me...:-)

  6. Hi Nanka, yes, of course, and the funny thing is, I am still wishing to have a baby... :D because i love babies/kids, i really love their innocent precociousness... :-) sad to say am already old enough to have one...

    thanks so much Nanka... good morning and have a great week ahead! loved, Amity

  7. Hi Muddasir,

    Good morning, of course, HIS world too... :-)

    Have a wonderful week ahead! :-)

  8. Thanks for the couple of verses Ramesh...that's true!

    My comments? oh, you;re always welcome...i am appreciative of good works... ;-)

    Good morning, have a happy week ahead!

  9. Thanks so much Sumit! :-) Good morning...

  10. Thanks Jingle.. :-) Yes, they are!

  11. Wow...I am in love with this Haiku...
    Very good use of the prompt... :)

  12. A sweet poetic description of a child's mind! A child's innocent joy is like a miracle of beauty!

  13. Love this Haiku! Beautifully said.