Friday, October 29, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Like a Child's Work of Art!

We went mountain-trekking with my family last Saturday very early in the morning while the surroundings were still enveloped with misty fog. We had no inkling of what a fortune awaited us.And soon when we were near the mountains, this beautiful sky in all its splendour greeted us on our way. It seemed as if the sky was an art work of a child with the playful strokes of her brush giving beautiful pastel hues. I could even see a reflection of the mountains in the sky...:-) Tis' a beautiful world, indeed, one can't get enough of it! ;-)


  1. I love to watch this kind of view, reminds me where I came from..thanks Amity dear,..

  2. Lovely ! You must have had a happy time , as nature and family makes a great combination ! :) A wonderful photo Amity ! Now you are on verge of becoming a professional photographer too :D