Friday, December 25, 2009


Dialing would be easy
Instant access is breezy
Reaching contacts
Entails less task
Calling city services
Takes as easy as the rest
Over here over there
Right here right there
Year in year out!

P.S. I suddenly thought of writing this when beside my pillow rests a telephone directory where I placed my lapi while working in bed. But just too bad, I used the light of my cp just to be able to pen down these thoughts because of power outage. Can you imagine?

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
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  1. hehe. this is sooo true! :D

    a nice acrostic indeed! :)

  2. hii dear..hope u feeling good..vry nice acro written nice to c yr dedication..m inspired..
    luv ya..take care..!!!

  3. Hi Amity, missed you for many days..:)

    how r u??

    i loved the context in which u have written it..:) thanks for that..

  4. now i Lov blogs bcos this...we can write up whatever and whenever thoughts occur doesnt it...i wrote mine as i kept starting at gooogle for a long timer :D

  5. now i want to dial a number..missed a lot here..been through all :)..


  6. i liked the christmas acro very much was so good :)..


  7. Dear Poet,
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    I thank you all for supporting Acrostic Only, and I look forward to another year poetic interaction.

    Happy New Year to you, your beloved family, and readers!

  8. Amity Me, you have wne Acrostic Only’s “Poet Of The Month” and “Most Active Poet Awards", including three other “Best Acrostic Poetry” Awards. We, here at AO would like to congratulate you, and hope you continue sharing your poetry with us! You may pick up your badges HERE!

    You are most deserving!

  9. Hi Madhu'

    thank you dear, of course I always wanted to feel better, though!


  10. Hi Prams;

    quite late commenting back, but yeah, i missed you too!


  11. Hary,

    write one and you will enjoy and have fun and will continue writing some more!


  12. Hems; some dialing now...he he he...:)

  13. Hems;

    Christmas acro? yeah, and that's the best i can think about!

  14. Hi Amias;

    thanks so much...:)

    and oh, I did it grabbed the two most coveted a great way to end 2009 and start twenty ten...wo000huuu....yeheyyy...:)

    I love you all at AO!