Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas carols are played everywhere. Beulah felt so excited. Tomorrow she would be flying to the United States to meet her fiancé’. This is unexpected. It was a long distance love affair but thanks to the presence of internet, their love blossomed through constant communications.

How Armand felt that day? He’s on Cloud 9. At last, he found the true love of his life, his soul mate in the person of Beulah. She’s a sweet young lady, very caring and with a simple beauty. Intelligent and with humor, too!

Reckoning the time, in a couple of hours, they will be seeing each other personally. Both wondered how they would react, how they would accept the presence of each other.

In their prayers, both hoped that there would be no hindrance anymore to their love affair. Beulah can’t live without Armand and so Armand does. Since the time they’ve met, their day won’t be complete without placing a call to each other and would be sleepless if they can’t talk and bid goodnight first to each other.

Sounds corny you may say. Tick, tack, tick! Armand hurriedly went to the garage, ignited the engine of his car. He can’t afford to be late and let Beulah be waiting there for him for a long time.

The plane touched down at exactly 10 pm. That would be exactly two hours before Christmas Eve. This would be the best Christmas both will have in their entire life. In the almost endless conversations over the phone, they talked about spending their first Christmas together to be in each other’s arms. After a sumptuous meal over a candle lit dinner, they would be holding hands watching fire crackers invade the air. They would be kissing each other once the clock strikes twelve and Armand will be bringing out the engagement ring he bought the past week.

Marriage proposals have been expressed and Beulah was more than willing to tie the knot with Armand. For her, he is the man of his dreams, the man who could complete him.

Along the highway, snowflakes begin to fall.  Armand could only drive carefully; afraid any mishap might come his way. Beulah checked out of the immigration. Her heart started pounding so wildly. She tried to compose herself. Armand arrived in time, and started scouring for that lovely face of Beulah among the crowd of arriving passengers. Both easily recognized each other and they both felt feverish and blushing at the sight of each other. Feeling missive and homesick, they both ran to meet each other in a tight embrace, oblivious of the people around them.

Speechless at first but their eyes seem to speak a thousand longings. Armand took Beulah’s hand and boarded the car. Outside the airport, snow has thickened, and it seemed impossible for them to travel but they proceeded. A couple of kilometers away from Armand’s house, snow continued to envelop the surroundings including the car. Then a halt. It can no longer move an inch. They were trapped inside the car. Spent Christmas Eve together inside the car and till eternity.

Written for Amias Acrostic Only


  1. i like the whole idea of spending Christmas in the car but what do you mean till eternity???
    They died in the car?? Man that is awful!

    besides I dont think it is actually possible since it is right by the house and in an urban area... :-)

    Nice story though :-)

  2. Ami, this is a nice, different, Christmas story. Spending each Christmas eve together inside a car wouldn't be too bad. Sure would be a reminder of their first Christmas Eve meeting.
    Or did they never come out until eternity!
    Snow melts, Mrs. Jim worries about us going off the bridge where we would spend our time 'till eternity.''

  3. woww..amityy you r full on acros..nice take dear..well framed story..a good read..Snowy Christmas..nice theme chosen..:)

  4. that is great one dear!!

    i really liked it..

  5. very different and very nicely pieced together! :)

  6. Needs work, but this is a very good attempt on an Acrostic story. You kept to the prompt.

    Yes, in some places snow can trap you, sometimes a few feet from your house and you will die if not rescued in time, gas don't last forever.