Monday, August 17, 2009

1 HF + 1 HF = 1HF

The title seems intriguing, isn't it? Well, the equation simply means: One Happy Family + One Happy Family = One Happy Family. How would that be possible? The story runs this way:
There's a one happy family, composed of a father, a mother and three kids. And another one happy family composed of a father, a mother and four kids. They are a blissful family. The two.
One from a happy family fell in love to a one from a happy family. The result? Equals a new happy family.

Think. How could that have happened? Is it possible?
This one new happy family wants to maintain their respective old happy family. How is that? Think.
And this one new happy family is the happiest of all. Because they found real happiness. Because they were extraordinary people who found their soul mates from the one happy family and the one happy family. Why? Now tell me how? Think.

Life is not really a bed of roses. Happy though it seems, but spices in life do come by. To create a whole new world in a whole new happy family? Maybe? And it happens. How?
That’s the simple story I want to share. Now think. Does it happen? Now think.

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