Monday, August 24, 2009

Reality Check

Yes, we must. We must do some reality check, or sincerity check? and my friend says so. A simple rift caused me to do some reality check.

But now I do understand why we need to often undergo reality check. Especially if you are a dreamer like me. Dreamers are just dreamers. They often forget the real thing and what is real. They keep on dreaming though it seems beyond imagination and realization.

And now i realized that you can't have everything you want or anything you want in life. The best is, just dream, let it happen in a dream, it's free and nobody will know what you are dreaming of. Just keep it to yourself, just to satiate your imagination.


  1. Well... dreams move us forwart, make us strive for the best. In this aspect they are not replaceable, right? :)

  2. Yes Lena, though I need to have some reality check, i still would surely continue on dreaming coz it's irreplaceable.Ciao....

  3. i am a dreamer, i dream u see... :)

    sometimes reality ck are indeed needed for dreamers like me.

    ps: a big thank you dear :)

  4. as your name implies, you're really pretty...

    thanks for droppin' by...

  5. awww..that's so sweet of you amity.

    thank you :)