Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life Is Short

Life is short
treasure it.....
we must take care of ourselves and our health.

Life is short
enjoy it.....
we may regret later we didn't try doing what would have made us happiest.

Life is short
value families and friends.....
we can no longer say "I Love You" and "I Care For You" when it's too late.

Life is short
go for your dreams.....
we must not let time pass by without letting our dreams come true.

Life is short
love and be loved.....
it's the ultimate reason why we want to exist longer in this world.

Life is short
thank God for the life He gave us.....

it's the best way of showing gratitude to the Almighty Creator.


  1. yes, Ms. Pretty, if I may call you that way, so let's not waste those precious moments cause it's a gift, definitely, from the Almighty Creator...)