Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brewing the Hirameki Way

Over a cup of tea. That’s how I while the time away. This is my third week that I am on leave in office. My daily routine is simple, casual and quite boring. I wake up early to cook breakfast, wash the dishes, clean the house where we are temporarily staying, do the laundry, cook lunch, sleep after lunch, cook dinner, watch TV, sleep. Boring. No mind exercise. Just physical exertion day in and day out. That is, while waiting for the schedule of my husband’s operation. He’s on medical leave due to an accident he met at work. Dx: Rupture of extensor of Digitorium tendon? That’s a medical term. In layman’s term, he can’t move his middle finger because the tendon that makes it mobile was cut during the accident. The shipboard doctor who attended to him overlooked the real injury. He applied two stitches to the cut/wound, put a brace to keep the finger in place. Believing it has already healed, he removed the brace only to find out the finger was damaged. Result? Medical sign-off from shipboard work. So here I am, attending to my special patient. And I am on leave from office work.

But why brewing the Hirameki way? I love to drink tea, almost three times a day which may be the cause of the yellowing of my teeth. Lipton Yellow Label tea. At the back of the box of the tea is etched the following: “Brewing the Hirameki Way”. And what’s all about it? I have to use my eyeglasses just to be able read what it means. HIRAMEKI, it says, is a word that means “Get inspired”. When you get stuck, you need to feel relaxed but alert so you can get Hirameki. And this is because the tea is made up of black tea leaves that contain Theanine. Theanine helps bring you to a relaxed but alert state of mind. Hmm…nice!

I’m quite stuck for almost three weeks now. Now I realized how important one’s work is. Before, I wish I could get absent from work whenever I woke up not feeling well, but I need to go to work. And being stuck, I crave for tea. Thus, I drink tea every now and then. And while being bored at home, while drinking tea, I try to write blogs. I have written several blogs now but I can’t post it yet. No net connection in the place where we are temporarily staying. I have even finished Chapter 6 of my short story, and maybe, write Chapter 7 after finishing this post.

Thanks for every cup of tea. I feel alert and inspired to finish every chapter of my short story and some other posts such as this. It really helps to brew the Hirameki way. Does it make sense? Maybe, but it’s up to you, my followers. You may just as well try to brew the hirameki way so you may get inspired, relaxed and alert amidst the changes, the interludes and the chaos that we encounter in life.

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