Monday, August 17, 2009


I tossed and turned in my bed and could hardly sleep tonight. It was about my hubby's story. It was about the paranormal who secretly conducted an exorcism of the devils around the neighborhood, at the heart of a banana plantation near our home. According to the paranormal's story, they reside there and not exactly in the mango
trees where the first paranormal had said. Under the mango trees are just their playground and also within the green painted house (huh? that's our house, the only house painted with green in the neighborhood?).

But what is exorcism. Based from the research I made, Exorcism is a practice of expelling

demons or evil spirits from people or places that are possessed, or are in danger of possession, by them. Exorcism usually is performed by a person with special religious authority, such as a priest or shaman. The practice was common in ancient societies and was based on the practice of magic. Ancient Babylonian civilization, in what is now Iraq, had special priests who would destroy a clay or wax image of a demon in a ritual meant to destroy the actual demon. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks had similar rites. Many religions in various parts of the world continue the practice of exorcism.

The Bible includes a number of references to demons and exorcism. The New Testament describes occasions when Jesus Christ expelled evil spirits by prayer and the power of his command. In the Roman Catholic church, exorcism is an order that priests may practice with special permission. It is mainly used as a preparation for the sacrament of baptism.

Hopefully, this time, what the paranormal have done will work. I am not really a firm believer of these things but everyone in the neighborhood does. According to the story and I continue, the man asked some rice and salt in the house beside our house because we were not home when he did the rituals so we didn't actually see what rituals he conducted.

This time when I heard the story, I didn't feel any creepy feelings anymore. Maybe they're gone now, thanks to the salt and rice being offered, maybe it worked. So that's the end of my story about evil spirits residing in the neighborhood and within us. As what my friend said, paranormal or otherwise, evil cannot defeat God. And maybe, we ourselves can exorcise the evils around us just by trusting in God's omniscient power.

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