Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night, I went over my posts for the past few months and since I have started blogging. I found out that some of my posts are uninteresting and it really shows that it’s the works of a forty something or a mother with teen-age kids. Most posts dealt with parenting and the realities in life. In other words, it's not as interesting to a wider circle of followers especially the teenagers and young adult groups. My attempts were all confined to simple things in life.

While trying to visit other bloggers' sites, I was amazed to see how their blog sites were beautifully created and artistically made. The templates used, the layouts made, and the contents of their blog sites, all were unique in their own.

Some bloggers are very young yet full of creative imaginations. Some mostly dealt with poem writing and they were exceptional creations. Others are into fiction writing but it drives home a lot of moral.

I thought to myself and if my being a teacher would work, I would say I can give these young bloggers a grade as high as 99% or an almost perfect grade, because they are really good at their craft.

And I realized that maybe I may try to reinvent my style of writing so that I may have a wider circle of followers.

But try as I may do, I won’t let myself become a copycat or a trying hard. I would like to be myself and do what I can do without exerting too much effort yet fail in the end.


  1. after reading the last para of this post.. now i respect you even more. this is what 'the determination to become myself' is what many people lack. i really admire you a lot and i love the way you write. i am a die hard fan of simple simple things of life because somewhere inside i am just a simple girl who finds beauty and admiration in simple things of life.

    though there is nothing wrong in getting inspired and trying out different things but one should never lose their individuality. because it is our individuality that makes us stand apart from the crowd.

    keep writing.

    wishes :)

  2. Oh my dear, you really are so sweet. Thanks for taking the time to post such a kilometric but meaningful comment.

    If you admire me, the more I do to you.

    LOve yah Ms. Pretty, and consider me as one of your big sister!