Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captivating Miracle

The morning is alluringly beautiful
The orange sun glowing on the east
Though its dazzle partly hidden
By the cumulonimbus clouds
Darkening the azure blue sky

I let my eyes wander a little
To see a green meadow and
An infinite vista of mountains
And rolling hills in the south still wet
With the trace of the morning dew

In the northern part
The vast blue ocean is breathtaking
Its waves breaking the rocky shore
With a rhythm accompanied
By the roaring sound of water

How could you erase
Such awesome panorama in mind
All I could gratefully utter is...
“Thank you Lord,
For this beautiful morning

And for this beautiful world
Where you lovingly placed me
Everything around is a manifestation
Of your graceful omnipresence
And your infinite omnipotence".


Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: erase, meadow, trace)
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  1. It has always been my dream to live on the ocean. Your morning description is one reason why!
    Lovely! Love Di ♥

  2. Hi Di;

    It's wonderful, you can take a dip in the sea anytime you wish to, especially when the weather is cloudy so you won't get burned!

    Thanks so much Di, I inspired your longings...:)

    Good morning!

  3. Loved the poem Amity, I live close to the sea and love it.

    Have a smashing day.

  4. A beautiful description and a great use of the words.

  5. Dear Amity!
    Good Afternoon!
    I can feel the positive energy spreading through your lines!As I live near to the see,walking up to the beautiful natural gift,I can relate so well.:)
    Lying on the bed,through the glass window,I enjoy the colourful waves at night!
    Well expressed morning scene!
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  6. Until now I felt the fresh air and the roaring sounds of the waves during my morning sight-seeing in the ocean shores at Batangas, Philippines...thank you Amity dear for refreshing my vacation at's a wonderful naration of our mother nature.

  7. This was beautiful. I have always wanted to live next to the ocean.

  8. Amazing! I had a morning just like that yesterday, although I live nowhere near the ocean. The clouds and sunshine were sublime.
    However, your poem awakened a longing in me to see the ocean once again. I lived on the shore as a very young child, and I think that love for the sea invades those who live close to it and it never leaves them.

  9. So lovely. It is a prayer... Psalm-like in nature. Absolutely!

  10. Well, I am absolutely delighted to see you are writing again :) A wonderful reflection you have illustrated for those of us who are greeted by concrete everyday. It felt like I was therewith.

  11. your poem made me jealous of the gorgeous view! Lovely poem.

  12. there is no other place such as the living by the sea... i like the beauty of your humble words...

  13. Absolutely delightful, and so true. :) Captivating in it's omniexistence. :)

  14. very descriptive and it gives tribute to a higher power.