Monday, June 14, 2010

The Return of the Prodigal

I sat there in the living room
With mixed emotions
Awaiting the return of the prodigal
An adopted daughter
For whom I took a fancy
When I saw her innocent smiles
Two years or more, does it matter?

She has been with me 
 No different from my kids 
 In everything I did 
Be it in sending her to school
Or in clothing or in the food she took
She had her monthly allowance too

As my thoughts drifted towards her
I feel teary eyed
May be tears of pain
For the many things she did
Often from my eyes away she hid
Things a young girl should forbid

May be tears of joy
That she will be back with me
I am just thankful to God
He has given me a kind heart
Though how many times
She has betrayed me

Now I feel so happy
That she has come back
I firmly believe that
She is truly repentant
She did it for her own good
For her bright and safe future.



  1. Oh Amity, is this a true story? Either way it is a touching, sincere poem which tugged on my heart strings this morning. Your poetry exhibited a myriad of emotions: anticipation, hurt, disappointment, longing and most important of all love. Although she was adopted, she was family nonetheless, sometimes our little sheep stray from the flock thinking that the grass is greener or to find who they are within the world but they always come back even if it takes years because they remember love. Very nice!

    Thank you for stopping by my dear. Take your time with blogging it may feel overwhelming sometimes but do it on your own terms. We will continue to be here :)

    PS: Who says you cannot write poetry? Stop being so hard on yourself!

  2. Excellent Amity, such a pleasure to read your poems. Thanks for sharing,


  3. Woww :) Extremely Touching & Beautiful :) :) Enjoyed :) :)

  4. a truly touching one! pray for good health!... i thought i'd post something funny.. but this post will curse me ! :(

  5. Hi Sharla;

    It is real...and I am happy she did come back!

    I can write poems in all it's simplicity not like you...I wish I could do it same way you do...but I know, 'each to his own style' right?

    Thanks Sharla, you are very supportive always...I will forever treasure such friendship you have with me here at blogville...:))

    Good morning!



  6. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Thanks a lot!

    You are always encouraging me and I am so thankful!

    Have a nice day!



  7. Hi Sahana;

    Thanks dear...:) Miss you!

  8. Hi HaRy;

    Lols...:)) You always come bringing a smile and laughter in me here...:))

    Thank you, but write something funny it won't matter..:) I maybe serious, you are not always serious...lols..:P

  9. Its so touching and the fact that its real makes it all the more powerful.
    Thanks for shring such nice thoughts Amity:)

  10. It is compassionate of you despite her betrayal you are taking her back to continue with her schooling.Not many are so large hearted.

  11. This was beautiful, Amity. Loved reading your Poem. The fact of it being real makes it more beautiful and touching.

  12. Lovely flow to a simple and poignant story. Delicate feelings & a harsh reality are strange bedfellows isnt it..they re never alone.

  13. Dear Amity, I was going to make a blog post out of this and you do not have to publish this but what has helped me fuel my writing is reading. Reading anything I can get my hands on: books, poetry, magazines, billboards, whatever. One word, one expression can open up corridors in your mind. I read outside of my preferred genre of romance and horror. I read classics like austen or oscar wilde. I read british and asian literature too. Even children's books. I am also more drawn to vintage poets like Poe, Lovecraft, Laurence and Millay etc. Visit the and my most favorite when you have a chance. Lastly, practise. I cannot stress this enough. To perfect anything we must do it repeatedly. (After all, we humans practise bad habits right? So why not good ones?) In time, you will grow to new heights. But thus far you are off to a wonderful start. Also, you possess the natural ability to be free with your words and imagination. It shows in your writing. Do not hinder this by comparing yourself or doubting. I always compare myself to others and it has affected my writing. God even told me specifically at the beginning of the year not to do it and what have I done? The very thing He said not to. This is something which I need to work on. Not an easy task. You must stop before it takes root and grow. Plant your seeds for poetic growth not doubt. Also, the world is full of poetry. The sights, sounds, smells of people, nature and all things occupying the universe. Use these to your advantage. Combine them in ways like a Rubik's Cube.

    I hope this has helped somewhat :)

  14. Oh yeah and PS: The thesaurus ( is my best friend :) I also write down any word that I am unfamiliar with, look them up and use them in my stories or poetry.

  15. It is a very touching story/poem, Amity. I like how in few words you have told us a story and all the emotions.

  16. A beautiful and achingly heartfelt poem, I truly lived every word. I could feel the emotion so elegantly suffused in you words.

  17. Hi Amity,
    First I must thank you for visiting my blog. Now I will tell you that this post was beautiful and very maternal.
    Forgive and try again, that is what mothers do. It can be oh so difficult but I do believe that it is just part of being a mom.
    I can relate with your words.
    Love Di ♥

  18. Hi Hope,

    Oh, you're back...thank you so much...:)

    I will visit you soon...and thanks you like my thoughts here..:)

    Have a nice day!

  19. Hi Vidisha;

    You're not mistaken's real!

    Thanks so much! :)

  20. Hi Kp,

    Yes, it is KP, thanks so much!

  21. Hi Mr. Stupid;

    Glad you like it and thank you so much..:)

    Yeah, I seldom write real posts and most, if not all, are fiction, but this time, I wrote a real one coz the feeling is just overwhelming..:)

  22. Gyanban;

    Yeah, you are right!

    Thank you! :)

  23. Hi Sharla;

    Oh, I am so overwhelmed for taking the time to share a lot of things that could really, really help me in my writing...I never expected you would care in such a high degree...I will forever be indebted with you my dear...and I will try my best to heed to all your kind admonitions and pieces of advise...:)

    Love you Sharla...:)



  24. Sharla;

    Btw, I have a Thesaurus which is helping me so much in writing...:)

    Thanks once again! Hugs!

  25. Hi Lena;

    Oh're here...thanks dear, I am so glad you did find time to visit me..:)

    Be there in your blog soon..:)

  26. Hi Sam;

    What more can I say but you have made such a wonderful comment and thus I am so thankful..:)

    Have a nice day, young man!

  27. Hi Di;

    Oh you're here...:) Just came from your blog a while back and I was smiling with that last post of yours...:)

    Thank you so much for coming and hope your net will no longer have trouble...:)

    Thank you also for sharing your wonderful opinion about my post. Mother instincts are always best and to be kind is such a good gift for us...:)

    Have a nice day Di!

  28. This is a very touching piece, and I'm happy that you put your energy into this surrendering poem to reconnect with how you truly feel.

    I have missed you too, and it is always wonderful to see you stop by and read your comments and your thoughts.

    I only blog when I can, and it is sufficient for now.

    Hope you are well, and so good to see you take part in the giveaway! :)

    Have a blessed week.

  29. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    The true life experiences are really strange!The emotions are brought out so nicely.
    You do really have a kind heart,Amity!May God Bless You!
    The new template is so cool.
    Rains started now.
    Wishing you a beautiful and lovely night,

  30. hi Amity,
    nice post dear filled with emotions..loved it a lot :)

  31. Blessed are those who can forget and forgive! You are a very kind person with lot of love at heart for others.

  32. Hello Ana;

    Thank you so much for dropping by...:)and for liking my poem...:)

    I like your kind of pace in blogging...occasional, and I may do the same way too!

    Hopefully I will win in your contest...loved those books you've presented and of course the chocolates that will go with them...any chocolates will do Ana!



  33. HI Anu;

    Yeah, loved that template of yours...:))

    Thanks so much for dropping by...and may the rains cool us and give us wonderful feelings....:)

    Have a wonderful day ahead..:)

  34. Hello Snow White;

    Thank you so much dear, glad you like it..:)

    Good morning...:))

  35. HI Saras;

    Thanks for dropping by..:)

    Yes, I am thankful to God for giving me a kind heart. Not all do have, right?

    May this kindness in me be something others could emulate...

    Thank you so much! Have a nice day!