Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dawn of Confusion???

It was past midnight. The tick of the clock and the hum of the AC were deafening in the still midnight. Why is it that everything appears magnified in the darkness of the night, the fears, and even the hunger. I felt famished. The culprit? A mouth blister that hindered me to eat enough, the pain is just excruciating. I  prepared myself a mug of hot chocolate drink and drank it with some bites of cheese cake soothing to my hurting mouth and satisfying my gustatory cravings.

As I could not sleep even after satiating those hunger pangs in my stomach, I decided to write in advance this Sunday’s prompt at One Single Impression ~ Dawn. 

My mind was swimming in endless thoughts. I could not decide on what to write to render the prompt. Will it be a short story? A poem? Or some morning thoughts? There was a raging conflict within my mind on what to write. I decided, let me write what all came to my mind and do the final choice at the end.

Will I write about:

A poor scavenger boy’s struggle
Whose life and survival
Depended on mounds of garbage
That he collected and removed
His income linked to the quantum handled
He always looked forward to heaps of rubbish
In every new dawn?

Or will I write about:

A colleague’s utter agony
When she was diagnosed
With stage two cancer
Followed by inevitable mastectomy
Almost halfway through her
Enervating chemo sessions
She wished for a remission
Hopeful that she’d still wake up to
Many more new dawns?

Or will I write about:

A farmer’s poor lot
Who after planting his crops
Had the misfortune of a typhoon
That wreaked havoc on his field
Ravaging the bountiful crop he had hoped
Leaving nothing but barren land
Crushed though, his hopes were not dashed
Resilient he was in the belief
That in the months to come  
He can raise fresh crops
To recoup his staggering loss
Positively looking forward in his life for
A bright new dawn?

Or will I write about:

Life is full
Of ups and downs
Of highs and lows
Of blessings and trials
Of tranquility and storms
Of peace and wars
Of joys and sorrows

But for every down
Trial, storm, low
War and sorrow
 There lay ahead
A bright, new DAWN?

The roosters in the neighborhood have started crowing noisily. I looked at my watch. It’s almost five in the morning. The sun has started scattering its bright light on the horizon. The glasses in my bedroom window shimmered in  the early morning light that the thick curtains could hardly conceal. 

Whewww….good morning fellow OSI writers!!! J

I am just overwhelmed this morning seeing a bright new dawn and have nothing sensible in mind to finally write, after spending almost half of my sleeping hours wide awake like an owl. Now haggard looking and wished to hit the pillow once again… J ;)

But what a dawn, a beautiful dawn… J

Yeah, morning has broken and yet, my mind was still not able to decide what am I finally gonna write? Weewwww... :P


P.S. Thanks to Leo for this Sunday's prompt at One Single Impression. But I feel bad Leo I was not able to do justice to it....:-(...weeewwww...sowweeee....:-(!!!

Written for One Single Impression (Prompts: Dawn)
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  1. you actually did great!

  2. maybe all you had to do is witness a new dawn :) wish you a good day

  3. You did well, Amity. You can sleep tight now!


  4. Well, I think you did all right. Nicely done.

  5. A wonderful post and I do think you did justice to this,

    Have a good day,

  6. Hi Amity, I have some of those nights too where I don't sleep. I think the darkness acentuates hearing too. Maybe because most of the world is asleep and we don't see much in the dark. I like your thoughts and the poems that you wrote. Have a good day. My best, Rob.

  7. You are smart in transferring your confusion on our heads.But we too are in a quandary .We are equally confused as each one the poems merit selection.Why not have all the poems as you have done.

  8. This is one of the most beautiful posts of yours I have ever read, Amity, because I could identify so much with your struggle of what to write. Each of your ideas would have made a truly wonderful story, yet here you have documented them all so candidly and then, in a twist of poetic fate, the real dawn that you experienced, coupled with your creative thoughts, in fact became your piece of writing. There is something so infinitely beautiful, so poignantly charming about that :)

  9. wow.. u did each justice i think Amity.. no probs at all.. good solid takes!

    thanks a lot for the verses!

  10. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    The sleepless late hours at night made you so creative and all the thoughts are beautiful!
    Very well expressed themes!Congrats!
    After the darkness,the dawn breaks and it is bright and beautiful!And I want to tell,a lovely dawn awaits even the less fortunate!
    I enjoyed being here!
    Wishing you a dreamy night,

  11. Yeah, you did good!

    Looking forward to your Movie Dirty Dozen on Monday!

  12. I love your honesty. I like so much what you have done with this. You have written so much about what it is to be a writer. Beautiful and sensitive.

  13. Hi Shrads,

    Good morning...:-)

    Thank you so much! You're first to tell me I did great and am happy with it!

  14. Hi Melissa;

    Welcome back...:-) Been a long time, glad you're hear...and yes, all I did was witness the breaking of new dawn..and it was fine! :)

  15. Hi Carlos;

    Yeah, I did sleep after but too good it's a Saturday na and no work to think about, forcing one to get up...:-)

  16. Hi Anthony;

    Thank you so much...:-) Glad you liked it!

  17. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Thank you so much, happy to note of your impression that I did justice to it...:)

    Have a great week ahead...:-)

  18. Hello Rob;

    Yeah, you are right, I am with your opinion too...

    And thank you so much, you liked the short poems sandwiched in between...:-)

    Have a good day too!

  19. Hi Kp;

    Have all the poems? Oh well, that's just another confusion!

    Maybe one at a time will do but I don't have to say much more about them!

    Thank you so much, and sorry for the confusion!

  20. Hello Sam;

    Wow...and how candidly you expressed your thoughts in my post, I feel overwhelmed...:-)

    It's only now that I did write this way, on other occasions, it would just be a poem and still on some other instances, a short story!

    Thank you so much Sam, your comments are truly inspiring!

    Have a great week ahead...:-)

  21. Hello Leo;

    Oh, wow...:-) You're here after a long time...:P

    Thanks for your kind comments and I am now convinced I did justice to it Leo..:-)

    Have a great and wonderful week ahead! :-)

  22. Hi Anu;

    Is it? I never thought I could write it this way, the prompt I mean...:)

    Even my teenage son kept murmuring I should switch off the light na because he happens to sleep in my room.

    Thank you so much you enjoyed your stay here!

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

  23. Hi AD;

    Thanks so much!

    Happy to note I did justice and you liked it!

    Good morning!

  24. Hi Alex;

    Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

    For the dirty dozen, I might have some lapses on it! I thought I would just submit one movie but when I visited Yvonne's place, she mentioned a dozen moves?

    I might back out... :-)

  25. Hello Sandy;

    You made me smile, because you expressed so many things I am not aware of...:-)

    Thank you so much...and let me tell you I am happy to be a part of the OSI family...:)

    Have a great week ahead!

  26. you just touched depth of my hearts...and so clearly gave hope...things are bad at becomes sad...but yet we must look forward to a new one knows what the next morning will bring for us...

    you just made my morning beautiful amity...god bless u...

  27. Touching and powerful... so cleverly made... what else to say..??? you have already the keenness of thoughts and imagery!!! Brilliant!!!:)



  28. Well, Amity, I pick # 1 or # 3. # 4 has a nice message but I don't like it nearly as well as # 1. I feel sorry for that young one working with the garbage but I like the poem. :)
    BTW, I also feel for your sore mouth. A week and a half I had four teeth pulled and my mouth still hurts. The swelling is pretty well down now.

  29. Hi Tweety;

    Thank you so much, glad I made your morning beautiful!

    Have a great week ahead!

  30. Hi Kelvin...son...:)

    Oh really? You could really make me smile...:) Tellin me it's brilliant is heaven enough for me...:-)

    Have a great week ahead...:)


    Mom Amity

  31. You did really well, Amity. Those were some nice ideas. Great post...:)

  32. U have so many wonderful ideas! so much keen observer of life U are!

    Loved this post.

  33. Yes I do so enjoy your writing!
    Love Di ♥

  34. I feel sometimes when we write under pressure - it doesnt bring out the best in us. So I have bifurcated my writings into two parts - one the nonsensical random rant - and the other smooth flowing stuff.

    so far that has worked.

  35. So many great ideas! Amity, no wonder sleep stays away!

    My comment on this post has not appeared. Did I err?

  36. So many great ideas! Amity, no wonder sleep stays away!

    My comment on this post has not appeared. Did I err?

  37. Some lovely images and some harsh. All are great and well written.


  38. You did wonderfully and surely did justice to the prompt. The entire post is delightful.

  39. I hope your mouth heals soon, that sounds horrible! And sleep dear lady, wishing you lovely and peaceful sleep, waking refreshed to embrace a new day. Your post was quite moving and full of the world we live in. Each day, well we never ever know what it will bring.

  40. No wonder you couldn't sleep, you had so much on your mind! I often do my best writing in the middle of the night. Quite a nice suite of poems all on the same subject but looked at from different perspectives!

  41. truly a beautiful post....

  42. Hi Jim;

    Good morning...:)

    Thanks for sharing some of your picks, but I guess, whichever will I write, all are just as equally poignant!

    Thanks Jim, and yeah, tooth extraction is one of the things I dread most in life!


  43. Hi Mr. Stupid;

    So you're back from Mars but sorry I was not able to welcome you yet...:)

    Been quite busy since Monday, anyways will be stopping by soon, promise!

    Thanks for your kind comments, too!

  44. Hi Harshad;

    Thank you so much, glad you loved it!

    And thanks for dropping by again..:-)

  45. Hi Di;

    Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

    Good morning!

  46. Hi Gyanban;

    Oh nice of you to share such stuff, one way of evading such a dilemma...:)

    Thanks so much!

  47. HI Harshad;

    Sorry about the confusion if you've commented or not. I activated comments moderation because of spammers who continually drop ill-comments.

    Hence u can't immediately see if your comment was accepted or not because I did not publish comments whole day yesterday.

  48. Hi Melanie;

    Thank you so much for the inspiring comments!

    Glad you liked it! Good morning :)

  49. Hi Jane;

    Wow...thanks for that delightful comment too!

    Welcome to my place and I wish you to come back from now on...:)

    Have a nice day!

  50. Tammie;

    Thanks so much dear...:) Your comments are as inspiring and I feel some kind of love from you!

    Have a great day ahead!

  51. HI Kathie;

    I guess all writers do undergo such sleepless and in middle of the night!

    But it helps, coz thoughts are undisturbed at all! And they flow like waterfalls! :)

    Have a nice day Kathie! :)

  52. HI pieceofpie;

    Thank you so much! :)

  53. Coming back from a not so happy break and then getting to be reading about 'Dawn' .. a new dawn with myriad facets.. wow! it's quite emboldening Amity.. Visit my page to pray with me..

  54. Hi Amity, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and you have introduced a myriad of possibilities. Sometimes we as writers become so overwhelmed from a single word or prompt that our thoughts bombard us or abandon us. Your writing, your muse has brightened and blossomed must like the dawn of a new day. You have shown that you control the words and reign them in to create something that is your own.

  55. Hi Amity, wow...what a prominent and passionate writer u r.. when i read the poems i was all surprised by the fresh feelings if urs..:)

    very well done..:) keep up the good work..:)

  56. Hi Ramesh;

    I have to read first your comebacking post after your break and it's quite heartbreaking to learn of the tragedy that befell your family.
    Pray and rest assured God will help your family to recover from such fate!

    Thanks Ramesh for sharing your dilemma through that poignant poem!

  57. HI Sharla;

    I am so sorry I have to respond too late with your comment. It's just that I was pre-occupied the past week and will remain so thereafter.

    I may take a break and be back when things around me will settle soon. I feel bad though! But hope to see you again soon...:-)

    Have a great week ahead Sharla!

  58. Hi Prams;

    Thank you so much and I am sorry that only now am I able to answer your comment. I was quite busy with so many things...

    Glad you like this post of mine and I wish to be back soon...:)

    This is just a short break Prams, I promise!

    Have a nice day!