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Happily married for twenty five years now, Hannah and Mike were a picture of a perfect couple with three teenage nimble kids, a girl and two boys, all are in college. To be married this long without misunderstanding was pure bliss and an envy of others.

During the nights, before bedtime, they would happily share what had been each other’s day as both worked in two different offices. They would be giggling as they snuggled closer to each other. They often discussed big plans after the kids are done with college. Hannah would then stop working to give more time to Mike and take those much dreamt about holidays. A cruise to the Caribbean Islands, a vacation in Europe, Hawaii and much more were on their list.

They couldn’t miss each other without sending sms or calling even while busy at work. The end of the day was always much anticipated.

Of late, Hannah’s trip to the comfort room became frequent. It seemed that her innards would want to come out of her. She was getting worried. She had started losing appetite and weight. She felt easily exhausted too. But she did not divulge anything to Mike lest he got alarmed. She was afraid to consult a doctor too as her theory might be right.

Finally she had an Executive Check Up without the knowledge of her hubby. The result was alarming as she had apprehended but pretended the result did not budge her. The doctor did not hold out much hope as her condition was advanced and gave her a year at best. She decided not to disclose anything to Mike.

“Mike, can we take a month’s leave from next week?” asked Hannah. “Yes, why this sudden plan, honey”, asked Mike with a puzzled look. “Nothing, but I feel like spending time with you alone soonest”, expressed Hannah putting up a brave front.

“You know, when our kids were young, we hardly had enough time for each other. I would like sometime for us exclusively now”, Hannah continued.

“But are you sure you are okay?” Mike confirmed from her. “Yeah, I am okay,” assured Hannah with a big smile on her lips, yet trying so hard to hide the pain in her heart.

Soon they were on their flight to the Caribbean for the cruise and then a week’s vacation in Hawaii. Never had they such wonderful time and it looked like a second honeymoon.

“Mike, I love you so much…and I wanna tell you that you’re the greatest person I have ever met. What would my life be if I had not met you? I dunno,” she whispered while they walked hand in hand along the seashores. Mike smiled and hugged her closer. He was however puzzled why Hannah seemed to profess her love for him every now and then. But he dismissed the thought as part of growing old and craving for assurance often.

The kids were excited to welcome them home, and had prepared a surprise party. While having fun over the party, the phone rang. Mike answered the phone “Can I speak with Mrs. Castro?” the voice on the other end inquired. “Honey, phone!” shouted Mike trying to catch Hannah’s attention from several guests.

“Mrs. Castro, I regret to inform you that we made a big blunder. We had mixed up the report of another lady with same first name. It was only when she came to have her tests done again that the mistake was found out. I am glad to inform you that all your tests are normal and yours is only a case of stress and exhaustion. Please come to the hospital”, said the woman on the other end. Hannah was for a moment dumbfounded and then jumped with joy oblivious of the many guests around. She started to sob and smile all at the same time much to the amusement of Mike and others.

“Hooo....ney”, uttered Hannah in between sobs and tears as she ran towards Mike to give him a bear hug, “I hid something from you but God had been kind to us", she said as she related with joy what she hid from him for a couple of months now.

Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: Budge, Nimble, Theory)
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  1. So caring wman and that is a sweet story abt the sweetest couple.. every young person shall learn many things from this for a happy and good married life..

    thanks fr sharing this Amity..

    With love,

  2. Dear Amiy,
    Good Morning!
    Love wins by God's grace if it is true!Well written,Amity!
    The happiness spreads to the reader's mind!
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  3. Hi Amity,

    I am so happy things worked out for this couple!! I was getting more anxious as the story went along but am thrilled at the happy ending. Beautiful writing :)

  4. hahahaha,..what a good surprise, seems that the honeymoon wouldn't be ended up earlier, since the expected goodbye wouldn't be come true. Anyway,..I also really missed those bearhugs of my beloved one when I meet her,.. thank you Amity dear, you did an interesting story that relates into my life.

  5. A sweet story narrated so well.There is however an unsaid message here.It is not good to hide medical condition from spouse, more so when it is serious..Luckily it turned out to be a goof up by the doctor's office.
    The story unfolded smoothly with no kink in between.A nice job,Amity.

  6. A wonderful story Amity,I hope the hospital didn't make a mistake with my test this past year.

    Take care.

  7. very nice..end was quite good..dis misunderstanding took them even more closer..!!!

  8. Woww!!!!!!! Beautiful Excellent Write Up Dear :) :)

  9. like in the movie... happily ever after... wish everyone lyk dat!

  10. that's such a happy ending :)

    awwwwwwww I loved reading this :)

    God is great :))

    awesome Beng :)

  11. Hi Prams;

    Yeah, you are right! And if my readers could learn a lesson or two, I would me more than happy about it!

    Thanks so much...:)

    Love and missed you too my dear...:)


  12. Hi Anu;

    Glad to note I was able to spread some happiness in my readers!

    Thank you so much!

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  13. Hi Gautami;

    Yeah, we know!

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  14. Hi Write Girl;

    Wow...I am also thrilled with your comment dear! I love that reaction of yours...:)

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  15. Hi Windel;

    I am glad you like my story and hopefully you will soon meet your beloved and give her bear hugs!

    Thanks so much!

  16. Hi Kp;

    How is a story if there is no suspense. Is that a suspense anyway?

    Thanks so much for your comments!

    have a nice day!

  17. Hi Stan;

    So you love happy endings?

    I will soon write a tragic ending and see if you will not like!

    Thanks so much!

  18. Hi Mom Yvonne;

    Whatever was the result of your check up, I pray it is a good one!

    Thanks Mom, have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Hi Anthony;

    Yeah, always good...:) Thanks so much!

  20. This is such a wonderful story. I am so happy for both of them. Thanks for sharing...:)

  21. Very warming and affectionate story Amity, I am glad it ended on a happy note!

  22. Very well written story.. sadness turning into happiness and excitement.. a good beautiful end.. or may be beginning..

    Thanks Amity..

  23. Hey! Here is a Prolific Story writer! Excellent stuff Amity! Well done.

  24. Wonderful as always.... i liked the way the story ends... truly remarkable...!:)

    Good day!:)


  25. i am totally and completely a sucker for romance and wonderful did well with this story...