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Hide as long as you can, Mark! Lie as much as you wish!!! But this seems to be going nowhere Mark”, said Alyssa in a tone of total despair. “How many second chances do you still need to get back to your right senses?” she added, patience almost lost.
“But I told you, Alyssa, I did try to give up and am still trying. Much as I would wish I am unable to resist the pull”, Mark answered in a passive voice. “What am I gonna do? I promised to be steady with you na, but look, I am still messing up our relationship with this unacceptable weakness of mine every now then. I don’t find fault with you when you catch me red-handed with Nadine” added Mark as if hinting his inability to come clean as Alyssa would want him.
It had been such a struggle for them both. Mark seemed to always defy Alyssa’s warning that Nadine was a bad influence and that he must move away from her totally. The more he was warned, the more he continued his secret liaison with her. He had got rid of her once only to get sunk again in the cesspool unable to resist the temptation.
He found a different kind of bliss in the company of Nadine that Alyssa could not give him.
“How does it feel Mark?” Nadine said in a hushed tone. “Isn’t it heaven? C’mon, let’s enjoy, have great fun, feel free and don’t suffer from any guilt, Mark”, whispered Nadine, even as her bosoms were heaving under the ecstatic emotion.
“Oh, this is pure heaven, Nadine, I would never like to give it up”, said Mark while his heartbeat is getting wilder and faster too. He wanted to shout and moan in sheer thrill but Nadine was smart enough to silence him, putting her fingers in his lips. “No… please, Mark….my parents will hear us”, whispered Nadine is his ears.
Those hidden rendezvous were repeated with regularity. Alyssa would know by a mere look on his face and the body language of his secret tryst with Nadine. No amount of fights with Mark had any effect despite his remorse feelings and his assurances that he would never meet ‘that wretched girl’ again. She would only come to know on the second or third day their clandestine meetings.
There came a point when Alyssa decided to call it quits with Mark. She was just fed up seeing no meaningful future with such a depraved man. She saw reason in her parents’ advice that it is not an easy thing to kick him out and that she would be ruining her life if she continued her affair with him. She realized her utter foolishness in hanging on to Mark, believing that he will soon turn a new leaf.
She gathered all of Mark’s belongings, and decided that after coming from office, she will go to his house to return the engagement ring. Even as she was approaching his house, she saw a police car and a couple of policemen standing outside the gate at Mark’s home.
Then in a swift moment, she saw to her horror, Mark in handcuffs being ushered out of their house towards the vehicle by two policemen. He hung his head in shame and did not dare to look at Alyssa.
She ran inside the house to find Mark’s parents crying. It transpired that Mark was arrested after Nadine’s parents found out that he, along with Nadine were having pot sessions almost every night in Nadine’s house.
Alyssa was speechless and shuddered at the thought of her putting faith in his assurances and how her life would have been wrecked had she married him. She however felt sad for him that he was drawn into the vortex of drugs due to his wrong association with that debauch of a woman.
Whenever she went to their favorite dating place alone, she had only the flowers to keep her company and the azure blue sky as a witness to her tears. At a distance, she would see that mountain that inspired them to build their dreams before he fell into the clutches of that evil Nadine.
She realized that it was a great mistake to lean onto his promises of kicking the habit, rehabilitation and hiding the fact from her parents and his, too. She decided Mark had no place in her heart anymore and that this was not the end of her life.
For the many hidden heartaches  and agonies. She felt relieved at last. And she saw that the horizon is promising. 

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  1. A wonderful read, a real pleasure.
    Hope all goes well for you.


  2. Alyssa's lucky to have no more association with Mark but as relationship goes, Mark was never right to be with Alyssa - at least that's what I got from reading this

  3. Smooth narrative with emotions captured nicely.

  4. Good One there Amity.. Keep it up .. good message.

  5. That is a very nice post, Amity! Loved it.

  6. wow!! so engrossed in it while reading this!! lovely!!

  7. glad that u gave it a happy ending! but i thought the flow could have been better.. wasn't as good as the one i read earlier!

    thanks for ur rendition Amity! :)

    Leo - Hidden

  8. A nice story well said.The readers were initaially led to believethat it was a case of steamy affair between the two but skillfully turned it into two junkies lost in drugs.The narration was gripping and the girl's decision to move away was wise.

  9. Oh, I loved reading it Amity.. lovely ending.. life becomes so beautiful when future looks promising.. Thanks for this wonderful post.. Happy International Environment Day.. I thought Inner Environment Day too needs to be celebrated.. visit my page to know about it..

  10. Well said,true strength often lies not in hanging on but in letting go.
    First time on your page and must say,enjoyed your words !

  11. Hey Amity,

    long time...
    that was great story..
    drugs can runi even good people's life..


  12. nice one!!!

    end is positive as opposite to what i guessed while reading it!


  13. Hello Amity,

    Nice plot :) I'm contented about the way it ended. Either the man kicks the habit or the man himself deserves to be kicked out of the woman's life which did happen in this case.

    I'd like to point out a small typo in the 6th paragraph..'Nadine was smart enough to silence him, putting her fingers in his lips.' Isn't finger on his lips the right usage?

    Good luck with BATOM :)

  14. Oh, that was a great narration... at first i didn't understand why the title goes like that... but when i re-read it that's when i fully understand the whole story... and so the message came across very well then... i had a wonderful time reading it...!!!:)



  15. Amity, good one . How the bitter truth and the worst things happening to a person is kept hidden from their own conscience and dear ones with the only hope that it will get better and there won't be a need to reveal it at all. And sometimes it gets over and hits hard on the head before one can tackle it. The message come out very well in your story. Liked it
    There is pain in hiding and even more pain when what you have been hiding is proved purposeless .
    Nice writing
    all the best

  16. A simple message put on very well ..Loved the entire story , altho a fiction , seems to be quite synonymous ..Wonderfully written AMity .but somehow I felt that it didnt match wid the pic ..All the best for BATOM :)

  17. Very fluid and your command on the language is superb.

    Liked it alot! :)

    ATB for BATOM 11

    Gkam: Hidden

  18. This is very nicely written. Quite enjoyed reading this and some of your older posts.

  19. A wonderful post which was wonderfully narrated. :)

    All the best for BAT!


  20. you have scored on narration.,...impressive.
    I could visualise every sentence .
    though you have revealed the hidden part very early, it still holds the readers attention until the end.
    Gud work buddy :)
    ATB :)

  21. Beautiful story with an Impressive message. Loved it...:)

  22. What the hecked would be if Alyssa didn't listened to her parents advice,...well,..Alyssa must be thankful for her decision to broke away from Mark or else she whould be a victim of Mark addiction,..nice story Amity dear.

  23. Beautiful Story :) :) Enjoyed!! Kindly Visit My blog in Your Free Time.

  24. Emotions, good narrations.


    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  25. error.. dont know if u hav received my previous comment..

    hw r u these days? hav nt sen u often..hope evurything is fin with you and be happy..

  26. TO ALL OF YOU...without no one amiss...

    Thank you so much for supporting my post here...all of your comments are a treasure for a blogger like me, I will always be grateful to all of you!