Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glorious Beginning, Mad End

from clay
God fashioned man
into a beautiful masterpiece
breathing life with a soul and intellect
the greatest creation and highest in evolution
capable of standing tall to achieve the purpose of life
Our loving God laid simple ethical rules to guide the man
To make him His own image to be loving, wise and compassionate
Sadly man became a restless bundle of base sensations and feelings
always in lust, ready to procreate and to kill the child in mother’s womb
in his constant greed for more and more and passion to live life to the fullest
he chose to disregard the boundless love of God and His commandments
In sheer ungratefulness he violated every sensitive balance in nature
Destroying green forests and producing global warming gases
Turning arable lands to deserts depriving food to fellowmen
Killing innocent men in mindless wars and mad violence
Wanting to control new areas of natural resources
man is marching inexorably to his final doom
moving away from God and His Kindness
surely earth would soon be destroyed
bringing death in its wake, man
returning to dust whence he
came. A very good start
yet with a sad end


Written for:

Prompt: Beginning


  1. Beautifully said Amity!! And the shape has turned out well too...

    Oh and I'm so glad your on Disqus too!! I hope it is making it easy for you just like it did for me. :)

  2. awww... this is so beautifully done! :-)

  3. Strongly portray ideas Amity...
    But we still have hope on our side to rescue the Earth.
    It is now in our hands...and how soon we get doing it...
    There you are with a nicely shaped poem!! :) You did it too!!

  4. Strongly portray ideas Amity...
    But we still have hope on our side to rescue the Earth.
    It is now in our hands...and how soon we get doing it...
    There you are with a nicely shaped poem!! :) You did it too!!

    PS: You might have got this comment twice....

  5. Thanks so much Rumz...and congratulations for your Blog of the Month Award at Lena's The Colors Magazine...:)

    You deserve it my dear! :)

  6. Thanks a lot Raaji... :) Happy Sunday to you.. :)

  7. Hi Nanka,

    Yeah, the repetition must be inadvertently done...:) Anyways, I know that's yours dear...:)

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, and what you said are true!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  8. P.S. Rumz....

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  9. Thank you Amity for the congratulatory message!! :)

  10. This is a sad ending. Sad for the living then, sad for God, sad for the other members of God's creation (the fishes and animals and fowls).
    This is good about a bad situation. Good in the writing is good.
    With better technology we can kill one another off a lot faster than ever before. :)

  11. Amity Dear,

    You Have Very Well Described About The Sufferings, Pains of Our Earth. God Has Created Many Things. But, Population Is Not Supporting To Prevent our Green Forest. Excellent Beautiful Fantastic Poem.

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    Wish You A Very Happy Weekend.



  12. Yes, you are right Jim, sad it is! Though it was a wonderful beginning. Man used his cognitive abilities to create destruction for himself.

    Thanks for your comments Jim!

  13. Oh Amity, Does it have to end before it turns around?
    I hope not.

    Very well done.

  14. There is variety in your blog.You come up with new things,new forms of poem and now even the shape.
    Nicely written with a powerful message.We should halt and heed the voices of sanity to save the world.Let us do when we can and not when we must.

  15. Hi Sahana,

    Your reaction to my poem is right! :) Thanks so much!

    Re: use of Discus as comment platform, I am sorry my dear if there is difficulty at your end...however, I find it comfy for me especially in commenting back to comments like this now... ;)

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  16. Biblically, it will end, then a new world, a new beginning....

    Thanks so much! :) Glad u like it!

  17. It is a way of keeping readers' interest I guess KP!

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  18. Powerful words. Hopefully we will turn round before the brink is reached.

  19. Lovely words and presentation

  20. Thanks Anthony and hopefully yes, may God make a turn-around before the final doom!

  21. Hi Amity,

    Your poem outlines the greastest story from God. Too bad we are part of it for such a short time. Your poem is powerfully done, and written from a strong conviction.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Not too many people read or comment, I always look forward to your comments. All the pictures on my blog are pictures I have taken on my travels. I always carry a camera when I travel to document the beauty of our world.

    You should try It's "A Small View Outside". I have posted some of my pictures there and will post more. Thanks for your friendship. My best, Rob.

  22. We are free to begin again right now. May we do that. This is poignant, friend. Well done.

  23. ahhh such a poignant post :) we are foolish and vain and stubborn :) been a bad bloggy friend hopefully will come more often

  24. A visual delight. But very hard truths.

    I agree with creativity. Disqus is not at all user friendly. For you maybe but for commenters, it really is a pain. Why should I have to click thrice to make my comment go through. As it is I am slowly stopping to comment on disqus or intensedebate

  25. Won't end be a new beginning... now that end appears inevitable.. but still I have hope.. Man would already learning.. God would intervene.. how can He let his greates creation get destroyed.. Thank You Amity.. for the flow of your thoughts.. it's beautiful..

  26. very powerful take on the topic, Amity.. very poignant...

  27. Excellent, Amity!

  28. That's it Rob, it is our own doings that made us almost a curse in God's sight!

    Thanks for the info re the pics, I really admire how they were taken hence the question if you took them yourself! They're beautiful! Excellent!

    I visited your other blog, A Small View Outside and it's really a treat to beautiful places in the world. Thanks for sharing Rob!

    And thanks for your comments too! Have a nice day! :)

  29. Yes, it is Sandy! Thanks to you too my friend!

  30. Hi Melissa,

    No, you're not, coz I understand how it feels to be 'infanticipating'...:)

    Me, too I am not a regular in your place lately, except when I saw that Greg suffered a fall, I was like worried!

    Thanks so much!

  31. You are right Gautami! Thanks so much.. :)

    Re: Discus not user friendly, that was my observation at first, then got used to it. I feel comfy answering back comments with this, hence I decided to use it now. Sorry for the inconvenience dear on your part! Could you try?

  32. Thanks Ramesh for your nice reaction to this post!

    Yes, you are right, the end may be inevitable!

  33. Thanks so much Leo...:)

    And congratulations for your win at BAT!

    You are most deserving as Gold winner! Keep up!

  34. Excellent post! I like the format of this one! Wonderful take on the prompt!


  35. free will is a beautiful thing ... but sometimes, it means we have the ability to make some terrible choices.

  36. Thanks a mucho Weasel... :)

    Good morning!

  37. Yes is!

    Thanks so much! :)

  38. i like how it evolved into a shape : )

    free will i despise a lot of times - because i find myself incapable of making the right choices.

  39. Thanks AD... :)

    I am too my dear, making the right choices is always a struggle for me! :)

  40. Truly amazing words, making the right choice is always hard but knowing what is ahead of you is even harder:D

  41. Yes you are right RiikaInfinityy... :) Thanks so much! :)

  42. a sad end indeed, hopefully on some levels fixable or avoidable. Beautifully written Amity!