Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roadside Romeos

 Marchela passed by a few teenage guys as she approached the bus stop. She was wondering why her car driver was not waiting for her as usual. It was then she heard some boisterous laughter and taunting remarks. They were making jokes and fun of her by singing film songs with double meanings. She just came from school, her first time to go home alone by bus. She’s a much protected girl brought up in a sheltered manner. When she ignored their provocation, the voices became louder and nearer. She was not unaccustomed to unwelcome attention because of her beauty. But this was too much. She had heard from her classmates that these rich boys leveraged the powerful position of their dads to avoid any action against them.

She was crying when she arrived home. “Mom, why did not the driver pick me up at the school?” She asked her Mom amidst sobs.

“You should have waited dear, he was just a li’l bit late as the car would not start. He must be waiting for you there. Why what happened?”
 “Mom, the boys at the bus stand near my school taunted me. They were laughing, shouting and making lewd remarks with double meanings,” she continued between painful sobs.
 “Okay, allow me to remedy this situation and teach the boys a fitting lesson. Don’t be afraid. Give me just two days,” she assured her daughter.

Three days later her mom told the girl. “Look, the driver will be there today. Do not take the car. Come to the bus stand and let the rascals make fun of you. If the bus comes, don’t take it. Skip it and watch the fun and let’s take the winds out of their sails,” her Mom guaranteed her while she was left amused and excited of what’s in store for those scoundrels.  

As Marchela stood in the bus stand with a faint smile on her face, she saw three young women also standing beside her. The boys started their usual teasing making the young women also butt of their ridicule. In a sudden move the roadside Romeos were dealt with by some Karate moves. Little they knew the young women were from police in ordinary clothes till they removed the veil of their secret identity.

Eve-teasing is not just a school/college girl's problem. It is a rampant-all- pervasive social evil. Pushing the issue under carpet is no solution but should be dealt with accordingly. 


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  1. Hey Amity,I loved this theme-Eve teasing.And the message that you've given that every girl should take the bull by its horns is even more appealing.Very well done!

  2. Thanks Jaspreet!

    Yeah that was the purpose of this message, to make victims aware of it!

  3. The only way to deal with any bullying is head on. Well said.

  4. I've never heard the expression Eve-teasing before! It's quite startling!

  5. SO well narrated Amity...actually you reminded me of my college days.. for teens and growning girls the stiuation any such like is very scary but a right apporoach to bring back confidence and restore the strenght to deal the situation is imp. task parents or any elder person must do.
    I did the same...told all to my parents and they taught me how to deal with such...yet..its never the ultimate lesson to be learnt...for everytime it when happens I get a trembling feeling in the beginning. Shame to those boys...who think girls are toy to play with and make fun of!

    You have written this beautiful post!
    Hats off to you!!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. A 3ww with a strong message ..True , the more this issue is wrapped in covers , the more difficult it will be to tame the issue .. Nice take Amity ! :)

  7. Eve-teasing is taunting by guys done to gals in school or anywhere they feel comfy doing it. Sometimes, those who do that are the kids of powerful families because they feel they can't be dealt with accordingly as they belong to powerful families.

    Thanks Brenda!!!

  8. Hi Rach,

    I feel bad you had your own share of it. Me, too, and I can't forget how they called me "white leghorn" which is a breed of chicken with all-white feathers. That name-calling would really reduce me to tears. I don't look like a chicken, only my complexion is just fair...:)

    Thanks for dropping by Rach...:) See you soon in your place!

  9. Hi Dreamy Gal;

    Yeah, so true and thanks for your kind comments dear... :)

  10. A strong message for the world. Very well said Amity

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  11. The message at the end is bold literally and in spirit.
    A good story.

  12. Hi dear!

    Thanks so much you got the message and how significant it is!

    Your friend,


  13. Well done Amity.. a universal problem, this! You have brought it up very well.. sure people will take note and go for remedial measures.. Happy that this space too can be useful for bringing out important issues..Thanks Amity for visiting my space too..

  14. Wow. This IS a social evil and unfortunately, bullying takes place right under the noses of educational professionals who do nothing about it. A huge problem facing all of society.

    THANKS, Amity, for a thoughtful work.

  15. Thanks to you too Julie for that thoughtful reaction...yes you are right! We must be vigilant about it!

    Have a beautiful Friday!

  16. Hi Amity, Became a follower at Haiky Heights.. thanks to Leo who guided me.. do visit to see if I can write a 'Haiku'..

  17. Grazie della visita e del compliemnto :-)
    Buona giornata.

  18. Yes Amity very simple and beautiful words you have highlighted a social evil and the plight of young girls....any incidents like these can set back the confidence of young and innocent girls. Loved your portrayal.

    Happy Day!!

  19. well written !! wish people realize what trauma a gal goes through coz of such incidents !

  20. i simply dont understand y it takes place but my disgusts are with it always!

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  22. wows you have described it very well the situation. Poeple do need to change... ! love your post ! Thanks for sharing this issue with us.


  23. Hi Ramesh;

    Of course you, everyone does, like...once a writer, always a writer, once a poet, always a poet!

    But I am just a novice Ku-er...and what Leo told you, same thing he told me!

    Keep writing to perfection, that's my li'l advise!

  24. Thanks Nanka,

    yes it is, have been into it too when I was a teener!

  25. Hi Nimue;

    Yeah, this foolish roadside romeo's must have fears too, karma you know!

    Thanks a lot dear! :)

  26. Hi AD;

    Yes, true it is! Thanks dear! :)

  27. Hi Sabi;

    Thanks to you dear, glad u liked it! Any new post from you? Will soon be visiting... :)

  28. Hi Ramesh...

    yes, we should use our blogs too in some ways that we can address social issues and hopefully will bear good fruit...what are we here for, is not only to show our love for writing but also to be vigilant about what is happening around us!

    Thanks to you too!