Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Scattering like little kids
Warily braving cold waters
In unusual gay abandon
Mocking at each other
Moving alert, in glee
In fringes of beach
Needing refreshed spirit that
Great morning sun offered

Note: The photos were taken during our Seminar in a beach resort. We had team building activities in the wee hours of the morning and one of the games was "fill the bucket", using anything we had on our body, so naturally, the guys removed shirts, while others who had towels in hand, like me, used them to get water from the sea and filled our respective buckets. We had four teams and our team won anyway....:) We had real fun, like kids... :) The pictures say all....:)

Posted for Skywatch Friday

Also for Acrostic Only
(Prompt: Swimming)


  1. Oh so much fun, Amity :D This really made me smile, the perfect summer acrostic.

  2. Hey Amity,
    Seems like you had a lot of fun here!! :)
    Love the pictures...and the gay abandon!!
    Nice Acrostic too...

  3. Hi Amity..
    Love the game you'll played on the beach and the early morning sky looks beautiful!!
    Enough to make one dance in glee...

  4. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Before reading the post,I was wondering why all are running to the waters.Congrats,dear;when you are in the team who else can win?:)
    One week before I was at the sands of the beautiful sea shore.The calm and refreshing morning air enriched my spirits.
    Well written,dear!
    Wishing you a beautiful night,

  5. Could never learn swimming.. miss this one thing.. but than ocean of life had been a bit rough.. could swim there.. liked your write.. Amity..

  6. Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!!!! Pleasure Read :) :)

  7. That looked like so much fun Amity. The beach looked very inviting! Love Di ♥

  8. Beautiful picture.Both the acrostic and the picture brought out the spirit of the morning fun very well

  9. Hey Sam;

    Yeah it was so much fun you know...we were like kids that time! Thanks dear... :)

  10. Hi Rums;

    Yeah, the pics say so... :) It's nice getting out once in a while from the comforts of our offices and enjoy the cool sea breeze and nature itself... :)

    Thanks dear!

  11. Hi Nanka;

    Yeah that's true, it will really make you crazy like a kid and dance in glee... :)

    Thanks dear for dropping by... :)

  12. Hi Nanka;

    Yeah that's true, it will really make you crazy like a kid and dance in glee... :)

    Thanks for the visit... :)

  13. Hi Anu;

    Yes, was really some fun...more than so much fun, we were like kids...and winning in any game is just good teamwork!

    You'd really fall in love with the place, when it's morning the sea is so giant waves...thank God I leave near the beach to enjoy these things!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! :)

  14. Oh too bad, but i am proud to tell I could swim!

    Thanks Ramesh, glad u like it!

  15. Thanks dear Sahana... :)

    Glad u like it! :)

  16. Thanks Diana, t'was so much fun you know! And yeah the beach is so inviting... :)

  17. Wonderful picture, great atmosphere ...
    Love it !

    Erwin, Antwerp, BE

  18. you captured the fun on the beach. love your skies too.


  19. Thanks a mucho Ewok...:)

    Will check ur post too! Have a beautiful Friday!

  20. looks like a lot of fun! beautiful sunrise, too.

  21. I so love the freedom the ocean offers. Lovely acrostic.

  22. That is a truly beautiful way to describe the experience of swimming. :) I am well, and how are you doing?

  23. Thanks Luna...yeah, it was so much fun going out sometimes from the confines of our offices and enjoy the sea, sand and sun! :)

  24. Hi Ana;

    I am fine dear except that I am too busy lately so I didn't have much time bloghopping... :)

    Thanks for dropping by and I really have missed you in my place. Hope all's well at your end... :)

  25. Thank you so much Sandy...:) Me, too, I love it!

  26. How delightful to read you again. I so love swimming!

  27. Good one Amity. Have not seen you for a long time. Do drop in.