Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss You All Buddies! :)

My thoughts seem adamantly elusive
My mind in a state of vacuum
I did not intend to abstain
From writing or blogging, my passion
I am only on a short vacation
Long overdue and deeply yearned for
To be exclusively with my immediate family
And spend quality time,  in fun and joy
With my dear hubby and loving kids

Oh, sweet angel, will that halo of yours
And the sweet smile I see ever in you
Bring the wondrous  magic of yours
In my choice of right and apt words
To share with my beloved readers….

My prayer, to you my dear muse
Don’t you ever play any tricky ruse
I need you constantly for my use
As I cannot afford to miss and  lose
My steady  friends at blog world
Right now I need just one post
To keep  my readers ever in my fold!


To all my buddies and friends at blogworld: I am sad I can't visit your blog as usual as I am on a vacation (R & R) with my family. Hope to be back soon...:) Ciao... ! :)

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Prompts: abstain, halo, prayer


  1. Nicely done - and we're still here ;-)

  2. Hi Amity,
    Missed you a lot..but now I know where you've got to... ;)
    Enjoy yourself with the family and be back with a bang!! :)
    We'll be here as always....
    Take Care!!

  3. What a sweet write! Well done!

  4. Yeah you are right Alex! Family first, since my own Alex is on a vacation after being away for so many months because of work. Quality bonding time with him and with my kids who are in college is all what I am yearning for now!

    Blog can wait! Thanks to you! :)

  5. Thank you so much KP and for your good wishes of a happy vacation with my family!

    I am enjoying it anyway! Have a nice day! :)

  6. Thanks Sunnflr! I'll be in your blog soon!

  7. Yeah Raaj, thank you so much! Having a lovely time with my family now... :)

  8. Yes Nanka, I am so thankful to you all that in spite of my absence in your blog, you are still around here in my place!

    See you soon!!! :)



  9. Yes Anthony and thank you so much you're still here in spite of my absence in your blog for so many posts now... :)

    See you soon! :)

  10. Hi Rumz,

    I missed you too especially your beautiful writes! Gifted people like you are closest to my heart because I do learn a lot from you! :)

    See you soon. Take care too! ;)



  11. Thank you Bobbie, be in your blog soon! Guess it's your first time in my space and thank you for the visit! :)

    Have a nice day! :)

  12. Inspite of being on vacation, visiting my 100th post and write with such warmth, Amity, I salute you..this write of yours is lovely..we are all there and well will stay here..for this space give such unconditional love and blessings, what to say.. God bless..

  13. enjoy your vacation we will surely see you soon enough bugging us along :) hugs my friend

  14. nice one Amity! Enjoy your vacation!

  15. forget visiting ...enjoy yur vacation first!! :D

  16. ohhh Happy Holidays Amity..
    I hope you have a fulfilling time with them..Theres no greater happiness than being with your loved ones..:D

  17. Thanks so much Ramesh! God bless too!

  18. ENJOY on your vacation Amity
    make fun with your family
    and be happy always .....

    (I wish I could enjoy with my family :(

    Thanks for your concern and love
    Plenty ((hugs)) and love for you
    Kareltje =^.^=

  19. Hi Melissa;

    Thanks so much, see you soon! Hugs too my friend! :)

  20. Thank you HaRy! Have a great week ahead! :)

  21. That's true Vhibs and thank you so much! :)

  22. Thanks Nimue, glad you loved it! :)

  23. Hi Anya;

    Thanks so much dear, I am happy you are around in spite of your travails! May God comfort you enough! I missed you! Take care always ! Hugs to you and Kareltje! :)