Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Goodbye Migraine, Hello Blogging

For several months now, I had been suffering from migraine episodes which could not be treated with any pain reliever. After coming from the office in the afternoon, I’d march directly to my bedroom, hit the bed immediately, believing that lying in bed would heal and ease what am feeling. Even upon waking up in the morning, I’d feel the same pain. This prompted me more often than not to get absent from my work. I was quite worried and almost believed that there’s something wrong with my system. If I could no longer tolerate the pain, I would ask my son to drive me to the doctor for B complex injections and sometimes, have myself administered with an IV fluids laced with vitamins that would improve my condition. Trips to the doctor had been frequent. Sometimes the doctor would kid that I just missed seeing a doctor.

At the back of my mind, I believed that there’s really something wrong with me, health-wise. I related my health problems to my hubby. All he could say was I am just feeling so homesick with him. And I would half-heartedly agree with his words. Moreover, I don’t want him to be deeply bothered about me. I want him to work in peace.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, you might not believe me if I tell you right now that what healed those migraine episodes was a very different medicine. Not any medicine that could be bought from any drugstore, either any IV fluids administration or B complex injections. For several days now, I am observing myself. My health condition turned for the better. I no longer feel terrible headaches. And after assessing some changes in my daily routine, I found out what really gave me an improved health.

Writing. Yes, writing blogs, writing articles for my blogsite. I felt better every time I finished a short or long post for my blogspot. In fact, I feel I am on high when I am writing. Studies show that when we love the things we do, when we are able to express ourselves in ways we really appreciate and enjoy, it’s therapeutic. We may seem so obsessed and tied up with our boring daily routine, but sometimes, we also need to vent out hidden and unexpressed feelings. And writing is one medium to express out whatever feelings and emotions we want to convey, whatever opinions or issues we want to contribute, and whatever achievements and failures we want to share. I am convinced. Thus, I will continue to write. It may just be a run of the mill achievement for a neophyte like me, but I really enjoy it.

If you are bored, write. If you are depressed and confused, why not write! If you are stressed and feeling down, get a paper and pencil or start tapping the keyboard and express what you are feeling. If you are happy, show to the world. If you are lonely, you better share it; it will ease you of your emotional luggage.

Who wants recurring migraines, anyway? If there is a cheap medicine that can be administered or be used to treat it, why not have an overdose of it. It’s free and getting an overdose could only give you a different high. It will give you absolute satisfaction, emotionally and mentally. So write, write and write. It’s free and it will cost you nothing. It will only improve your mental and emotional quotient. Finally, it will make you a better person. You will be protected from early mental retardation; you will be safe from deadly emotional depression.

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