Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Between the Three of Us

(Unholy hour of the night. I am again tapping on the keyboard of my laptop. For whatever reasons that I could hardlyt fathom, I am as wide-eyed as an owl this time. I am afraid I might be developing a different kind of addiction, which is, writing blogs during the night, but can only post it during the day as I don’t have net connection at home. How I wish some kindhearted and thoughtful souls out there would give me this Christmas a SMART Bro so that immediately after I finished writing, I can already publish my blogs, whatever is the time I am through writing. It’s an ambitious desire. Wistful thinking. Not bad being honest that I can’t afford to buy my own.)

I have two officemates whom I have a different kind of feeling for them. Truth is, they’re the closest to me and I adore them, promise! I can share them some of my secrets, shhh. . . even my dark secrets! This afternoon, we have had a nice conversation with each other and seasoned with laughter, just between the three of us.

We recalled how one of the two lady SB members was sharing to us one time about personality quotients. She said there are three. IQ, EQ, TQ. Then out of the blue, we found it exciting to have some fun of playing a christening game. We started assigning each other who’s who.

Considering that Majel has that awesome and unique ability at trouble-shooting simple office equipment trouble such as computer problems, malfunctioned fax machine, error-laden copier, and giving special assistance to our stenographer whenever her encoded data looks like a war zone due to formatting problems, we’d easily solve these problems by addressing it to Majel. Hence we decided she’s the TQ in the office, meaning she was born with a good Technical Quotient.

“And who’s the IQ”? I asked them. They answered in duet that I own that tiara. I felt quite elated. Hmmm, imagine being considered and christened as the Miss IQ? I’d say it’s something great, a privilege, so to speak! Wow. . . the Miss IQ from among the three of us. Do I still need to spell it out what IQ means and why I am Miss IQ? This time, let your IQ works for you.

We then decided that Miriam has the EQ. Emotional Quotient. She owns this crown as she is very capable of admonishing and preaching good deeds, proper behavior and office etiquette to our office janitor. Though at times, she’s more than disappointed of the outcome because her recipient is definitely hard-headed. Thus she must exercise tremendous fortitude, kindness and extreme tolerance. She’s simply blessed with that quotient.

And just between the three of us, we felt it unfair for the other two officemates if we don’t include them in the name-game sacrament. So just between the three of us and we made a pact not to tell the others that we will baptize them also, as if we’re priests. We then dubbed our stenographer as Miss KQ. That’s supposed to be as CK, as C is for cranky. Well, we transformed it that way, because the truth is, she always exhibits that behavior of being a “karangkang”, panic-stricken, most, if not all the time. And because of that display of behavior, we’re being reduced to becoming an inefficient and ineffective in menial, middling and routine tasks in the office. It seemed that we’re already the underdogs, instead of the other way around. But we love her anyway. Maybe we can improve her nametag, like PQ, as in panic-stricken quotient or Kain Q as she loves and has a penchant to eating every now and then. Her stomach is her weakness. She’s the healthiest baby from among us.

Again, and just between the three of us, we christened our janitor as Miss BQ. Buyer Quotient, Barbeque Quotient, Busy Quotient. Anything that starts with a B and which aptly applies to her nature of work.

As psychologists would tell us, don’t take life too seriously. Because when you do, you might end up counting stars at daytime, and being wide-eyed like an owl at night time is no big deal, is it?

Share some good laughter with good people around you, or even the not-so-good. Like us, they also want to be happy, even at their own expense, even just the three of you. We just did this afternoon and I find it interesting to share it with you, at my own expense, just to kill the time of wakefulness.

Followers, this is just between the three of us ha? This should not leak, okay?

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  1. ahahahaha since you give me a leakage,..its surely leaks from with in..I can't assure you that this wouldn't be leaks give me an idea...