Thursday, December 18, 2008

"He Completes Me"

( The supposed title of this blog is, of which i have titled it beforehand was: A Quixotic Interlude; however, it may just be alright if the title is "He Completes Me". . . as i have promised in my last blog entry.)
You shared great conversations with me . . . that’s so intellectual of you,
You showed your humorous side with me . . . that’s so witty of you,
You consulted me on certain matters . . . that’s so logical of you,
You offered me a ride home . . . that’s so manly of you,
You assisted me every time I alight from your car . . . that’s so gentleman of you,
You volunteered to carry my things . . . that’s so adoring of you,
You cared for my kids like you do to your own . . . that is so fatherly of you,
You give rewards to the achievements of my kids . . . that’s so loving of you,
You give gifts on occasions . . . that’s so thoughtful of you,
You worry for me when I am sick . . . that’s so caring of you,
You shared with me a slice of cake . . . that’s so sweet of you,
You wolfed down with me gallons of ice cream . . . that’s so velvety and creamy of you,
You held my hands so tight . . . that’s so dreamy and wistful of you,
You almost kissed me (what????). . . that’s so expressive of you,
You…? Who are you to me? Maybe, you’re just a quixotic interlude in my life. But everything happened . . . in my dreams! Again???

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  1. not a dream already Amity,'s already a reality,..don't you?