Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jezza, the Lovely & Jolly Intern

Last September 5, 2008, my mother was operated at CVMC, Tuguegarao City. Dr. Erwin Baguinon, a specialist, was the doctor who took charge of my mother's case. He conducted a Cholecystectomy, a surgical process of removing the gallbladder.

During the period of her confinement, not only doctors, nurses and nursing aides come to her room, even student-nurses who are on their clinical duties are also assigned to monitor her condition.

There is one student-nurse who left memorable moments with my mother and me, too. Her name is Jezza. She's a nursing student at MCNP, Tuguegarao City. Actually, Jezza was not assigned to my mother's room but her other companions were the ones. She just happened to check on her friends and suddenly, she showed compassion on the patient of that room, my mother. Since then and until my mother was discharged from the hospital, she kept coming back.

I find her a very jolly person. Her disposition and outlook in life seemed perfect. She displays a carefree, happy disposition. She never tires of sharing happy moments with patients, like my mother. She's a very affectionate girl. She's well-groomed and her trademark according to her classmates is wearing bright red lipsticks. But she looked quite adorable in her totality.

Every time she visited my mother in her room, the room's ambiance suddenly lit up and my mother would be smiling in her bed. If student-nurses are allowed to kiss or hug patients, she would have done so with my mother.

She got my number, and every now and then, she never forgets to say hi, hello powh? She's so adorable, this girl!

If all medical professionals, doctors, nurses, aides, and others have the same happy disposition like Jezza, being confined in a hospital is never an ordeal. How many Jezzas in the world do we have? How many medical attendants have a happy disposition like Jezza? How I wish I can see more Jezzas in this world. I've proven they can make a difference to a patient in great pain. They can uplift a patient's battered spirits as a result of illness.

To you Jezza, let me say I love you and I admire you! And I honestly do. Keep up that happy disposition in life. Keep touching lives in your own simple ways. It's a gift!

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