Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What A Headache!!!

I visited Pramoda's Being Pramoda, the layout is beautiful. Every time I visit Lena's The Colors Magazine and Colors of My Soul, I envy her site's design. And even Preetilata's White Window. They are all beautifully designed blog sites and even the contents are every interesting.

And here I am, for two days, I did try to make a new design of my site. And you know what happened? It did give me a headache, a throbbing pain of my brain and skull because I almost lost all the contents of my site. I almost wasted all my efforts for more than ten months of writing. 

But thank God, it's now starting to make a face. Little by little, I was able to recover the original contents of my site. And hopefully, add some more interesting contents.

However, I will be on leave for the next couple of weeks and hope to be back soon. I have to attend to a very important personal need.

So folks, promise I will be back very soon. Ciao.....

P.S. Thanks to Lena for always dropping by my site; my gratitude to Pramoda for giving me the thought of redesigning my site and to Preetilata for being the new follower of my blogs. I love you all!


  1. It seems that I am not the only one who experience hardship and headache in revising and redesigning my blogsite...but I think your lucky because you almost get and refacing your blogsite,..and it seems look very good although Ms Leena and Preetilata's blogsite designed are most beautiful that attract most readers who love reading blogs like me... Idol just take it easy you can do it and yes you can.

  2. hey ..

    Please take back up when you are experimenting with template and design ..i lost all my original content while changing the template..

    Good Luck !

    See ya soon ..:)

  3. Thank you so much Windel and Vyshu for dropping by my site. I'll take your advice the next time i would try new template designs...

    Thank you!

  4. OMG!!! Amity!!!

    i just don't know what to say. thanks a lot for mentioning my blog here. it feels so great to be appreciated by creative people like you. i convey my thanks to Mr.Wendel also.

    this template looks nice dear. going through your post tells me that u really have worked hard for this one.

    p.s: if u wish i can make a template for you. although i am an amateur when it comes to designing templates but it would be my pleasure to make one for you. if u are interested let me know at mystique.pree@gmail.com

    hugs :)

  5. Oh really? How I would love that you'll design one for me.

    Sure, sure, my dear, please make one for me and I am more than happy to have a new design of my site, something that is related to my site's name "Dreams Are My Reality".

    And don't forget to etch your name in as the designer, okay!

    I Love You Ms. Pretty!

    Send you email about my request later!