Friday, July 23, 2010


Deadly is man’s doing
Endangering the eco systems
Forest resources are depleted
Overtly adding carbon gases
Rainforests are now denuded
Ending  homes of denizens
Save  mother earth from
Total destruction by avarice
Adding deserts, reducing rains
Take steps to protect
Indispensable natural resources
Otherwise world is lost
Nature’s fury ruthless, beware


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Deforestation)
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  1. Wonderful acrosstic, I hate to see the trees being cut down, I enjoy a walk in the woods.

    Thanks for your visit, but PLEASE don't refer to me as OLD, I am young at heart have a wonderful life, age does not come in to my equasion.

    Take care.

  2. I'd say.. let the kids be made aware of how a single sheet of paper can change deforestation!!

  3. You are so good at the acro's Amity. I don't do well with them at all! Love Di ♥

  4. lovely and perfect...putting forth the idea as well as how to prevent it... :)

  5. I agree with you Amity! I think everyone should know that and try their best to make it happen.

    Sabi Sunshine

  6. HEy Amity..very timely post..such deeds cause so imbalance in our lives after all, still man does it!! so pity..

    i hope all those who do this will read this post of urs..:)

  7. Best wishes to u and ur family... spend time with themm, they r the most important..:)

    No wrries abt ur absence at my space.. its ok. i can understand..:)

  8. Nicely done Amity. By cutting down trees, we are making the present situation worse.
    Have a great day.

  9. Dear Mom,

    Awesome - a perfect word for this short yet very thought provoking piece... the world must read it... thoughts like this are badly needed... by readin' each line made me feel mad at those who caused too much pain on our mother nature... if i could just curse 'em all... but i'm just a li'l thing... and this li'l thing someday, somehow could make a change in this world we tried to ruin each day... 'make our share' - this should be the voice of the masses... our world is in a great predicament so we must hurry before it's too late... and by makin' and sharin' this li'l poem Mom, you're already makin' a step forward in saving this world of ours... thank you for your awareness... Brilliant piece Mom - brilliant!!!:D

    Mom, thanks for all the understanding you extend to me... for all my excuses and absence... right now, our Feasibility Study is improving yet not enough for us to relax on the couch... In this study, we have chosen to venture in a Beekeeping business... and currently, we're on canvassing of prices for the tools and equipments... were having a hard time dealing with our technical and financial aspects... our defense will be scheduled right after the midterms and we've just finished are prelims the other days so we've really less time remaining... we can't conduct our surveys on the various companies we've chosen b'coz of lack of fair weather... now, it rains here so i just stayed at home for safety... we'll resume all our research and studies by Monday...(^^)

    Hope evrything is well in your world!!!:)

    A Blessed Sunday!!!!!:)