Monday, July 05, 2010

Road to your heart....

It is a thorny and stumbling path
Rugged and sharp all along the way
Hindering much the smooth navigation
To pure bliss, your final destination
The culmination of two hearts and souls

But the many hurdles you may meet
And  stiff challenges you may face
Would merely be obstacles to test
Your unfailing love and zest
Your endurance to overcome the odds
To  attain an idyllic life you wished for!

“Follow the right road to your heart”!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Road)
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  1. Wow! a beautiful poem. Straight going to heart!

  2. A good start to my week reading this, Wonderfully written.

    Take care.

  3. That's the best road to follow.
    Nicely done.

  4. I don't know amity, you said on my page that you have written something simple..but wow! it's something absolutely beautiful..second part gives such a wonderful philosophy to live on.. if one can truly follow with zest..well done.. thanks for being present..

  5. Beautifully poetic! And true too!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Dear Amity--
    I love your absolute belief that love is always posssible, and better than that, around the corner!

    Sweetness of life to you today!

  7. So beautifully written and so very happily positive!

  8. Very nice! I love this and so true. Any road worth travelling is thorny and persistence is required to get through it. May not be a pleasant experience but the gift, be it love or otherwise, waiting at the end is well worth it. Enjoyed! :)

  9. You are right Amity, the right road to hard is always the difficult to choose, sometimes u also make the wrong choice by mistake and then you have to start over again...

  10. Woowwwwwww!!!!!!! Fabulous Poem Dear. Very Much Inspiring. Loved It :) :) Hru ??

  11. Hurdles are finger posts on the road to success.Let the road be rugged and tough but let it take you to a life of achievement.
    A very nicely written poem

  12. God bless those who go the road. The love of my life wouldn't go the distance with me, and it breaks my heart. But I can imagine this joy.

  13. This prompt seems to have brought out the questions in everyone! Well done.

  14. I swear i loved it.YOU'RE AWESOME. :)

    Blessings :)