Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Guardian Angel

You heard my first cry inside the room
When I came out of my mother’s womb
I knew you were then beside me
And could feel your presence in thee

You’ve not only caught me every time I fell
But in every dark hours when problems swell
And life turned a veritable hell
You were there to guide me well

Foolish and arrogant as I maybe
I never turned to you when problems abound
And you always flew into my dreams
To give me a shove towards the right course 

My dear angel, I haven't seen you even once
I know not about your white wings or kindly face
But I am sure that you are always there
To protect me with your abundant grace

My sweet and friendly angel
I beseech you to stay ever with me
Wherever in my rough life I stray and go
Lift my ruffled spirit whenever low

With you invisibly hand in hand with me each day
I feel blessed in every way
This is why I ardently pray
That you always beside me stay.


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Angel)
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  1. hmm.. yes, an angel who's been there from the time we entered the world. rings true indeed.. though to me, that angel is my mother itself.. :) not someone invisible as such.

  2. A wonderful poem Amity, such a pleasure to read.


  3. Amity, this poem was lovely. Much much more "than simpley simple" as you used to say. :) Your rhymning scheme is well thought out too. Considering my own life, I think I have a guardian angel too. Well said. Good morning from Ohio. Rob

  4. Beautifully written!

    angular angels

    Also don't to get aboard the Poetry Train on Monday mornings!

  5. Oh, so very angelic, Amity.. finsing an Angel around right from the time of one's birth and to know it and to continue to have that faith..oh, it needs a true human heart and humility.. happy to find you.. Amity..

  6. She will always. A beautiful poem Amity. Thanks.

  7. You did good here, Amity. Our minds run in similar paths, yours has expanded the Guardian Angel theme into these several verses.
    You might recall that I only used these four lines,
    "My angel waits above my head in bay
    I know she does, she's my protective marm
    I pray to God I need her watching way
    like mom's of old she saves me from all harm"

    for mine.

    That's all my form allowed. I did have another angel to write about. I may do it still and have a # 2 poem for the prompt like you did.

  8. I wish everyone have a guardian angel...My crying and sighing angel is here:


  9. Amity, all your poetry and prose
    comes from that special angel
    spirit within you. I also enjoyed
    the Thursday story above.

  10. Enjoyed this poem very much, it is very touching and I used to have a guardian angel :3 but he had disappeared long time ago T.T maybe someday I will find one again or perhaps never, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful poem :D

  11. love each word of the poem and enjoyed reading a lot.. Angels do protect you always time to time and you just have recognize it.

    Love it


  12. It's a wonderful poem...after all, mother is the first or maybe the only angel that we come across.

  13. an invisible angel who's with you always ... beautifully described...