Monday, July 12, 2010


The twinkle in your eyes
The haunting smile on your lips
That heady spring in your walk
That graceful sway of your hips
That innocent laughter of yours
That gentle hug when I need it most
That caring and sensitive touch
Those words of faith soaked in love
Speak a lot about you
Words are redundant
What would I do without you
You stir something deep in me
That makes my heart gallop
And my knees weak
Overtly........ it is L~O~V~E!!!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Overt)
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  1. Beautiful post, Amity. Love your writing.

  2. Dear Amity, the picture and your words are too cute :) Thanks for stopping by my place. I understand about life and all of its craziness. I am a single mom so I can relate. Hopefully your daughter is doing better. I will lift you all up in prayer today. Keep writing no matter what. As for myself I will not be blogging as much, maybe once or twice per week and commenting. Life calls again.

  3. Beautiful flow and delicately woven.

  4. Wow.. so touchy and lovely well written Amity!


  5. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    While reading your beautiful lines,I felt these are for my darling sissy,Nanda!Today is her birthday!
    The girl looks so cute.
    Wishing you a wonderful night,

  6. Well, a very beautiful way to express Love..very spontaneously weaved..effortless..

  7. beautiful love :) and the poem too !!

  8. Ahhhh....too sweet!

  9. the overt nature of love expressed ... beautiful.

    thanks for your contribution to the prompt!


  10. I remember feeling this way over twenty years ago when I first met my husband! I still do just not like it was in the very beginning!
    I love your poetry, it's awesome!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Dear Mom,

    O, i miss you too... i wonder what your doin' while you're out... now i know the reason... i just hope you're daughter(my ate..^-^) will get well soon... your poem simply heals my tired mind and body... yes mom... i can't go on further these days... i'm currently working out with my feasibility study... and i'm gonna die... it's killing me li'l by li'l... ang hirap tlaga n2, arrrgghhh... sorry if i can't go full-time in writing and visiting blogs these days... but i promise to catch up when all is better... thank you for your words on my blog... your presence is always a pleasure to me... hey, how's everything after last night's typhoon??? hope all is well!!!:)

    God Bless!!!:)


  12. Hey Amity,
    Ive visited The Writer's Lounge time and again. And I see theres very interesting material and whole lot of great bloggers there too.
    Is it possible for me to join in too and how? Guide me please!!! :D

  13. Oh how sweet!!!! Love your words- perfection! And what a cutie your daughter is!!!

  14. It's beautiful, Amity! Without the picture I could envision any of a child (like the cutie in your picture) or a lover or loved on.
    I've been on holiday but have been posting (not many comments did I return) a little ON BOTH BLOGS.

  15. It is love indeed. I enjoyed your poem Amity. It made me think a lot about love and relationships. I was thinking about you this week, hoping the typhoon didn't cause you too much trouble.