Saturday, July 03, 2010

"If Only....."

Freedom from the pain she wanted from every prick of the needle. After every painful jab, she would soon feel peace descending on her and the pain in the body vanished. As she fell into deep slumber, she sensed little by little her mind transported to a beautiful place of luscious green, a colorful space with azure sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, she felt as carefree and happy as she could be in her dream world.
Running barefoot, with colorful balloons on her hands, continuously teasing and daring her best friend Jim…."C'mon, beat me in this race if you can", Leah laughing in high spirits dared him. "And once you catch me, all these balloons are for you to release in the sky in sheer joy", she added. "Ha ha ha, slow-foot turtle, bleh!!!” she taunted him taking her to cloud nine.
Enthusiastic Jim was happy to give her a lead keeping deliberately a safe distance. Little did she know that Jim wanted her to run slow lest she tired herself? He would put a zestful demeanor giving her a false sense of a contest.
Ever since Leah was diagnosed with a terminal disease, Jim loved her more than ever.
Don't you like to have these balloons Jim?" Leah mocked. Oh yes, of course, dear. I would love to beat you,  though you seem fleet footed, I am not giving up,” Jim shouted back. "Maybe you're a weakling Jim. Run!!! I am far ahead! You're giving up?" Leah dared again. "No, no, once I catch you up, I will imprison you in my arms and let loose those balloons", Jim cheerfully shouted back.
Overly exhausted when her running turned to an irregular trot, she stumbled on the ground; Jim rushed to her side, lifted and rested her head on his lap. “ your eyes.....!!! We should rush to hospital,” he pleaded. When she didn't react, he was filled with fear of the worst and shouted “Leah, wake up!!!. My love, tell me what is wrong?” Crying loud, Jim took the thread clasped in her hands and let go the balloons in the air. “Let the colorful balloons follow you”, he sobbed, as the balloons wafted their way up in the vast sky.
Moments later when the doctor came to check Leah, he found she had breathed her last in her sleep. She won her eternal freedom from pain.


Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 14)
Also written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: FREEDOM)
Photo Courtesy: GozDeCyp


  1. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    This is such a nice and touching post.So many people left this world thi wee;in my neighbourhood too.Tomorrow is the funeral.
    It is raining and there is gloom everywhere.
    Between,where were you?
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  2. A beautiful story this..

    “Let the colorful balloons follow you”, the line sums up it all.. what beautiful emotion projected.. Amity,
    its always a pleasure to be here..

  3. Beautiful writing, Amity...I love your descriptions and the magical way you weave words together. I have never read an acrostic short story before, but it really works and it was a delight to read :)

  4. Wonderful Amity and so cleverly written ia acrosstic. well done.


  5. sad tale but i think if one can be free of suffering, it's a good thing

  6. It seems to be a case of a dream turned real.A very moving story well narrated of a lively girl in love who found peace in death.

  7. I have read this concept at many places but I am not quite convinced that death is freedom from pain.

    Good writing anyway!

  8. Aww, Amity this was a truly lovely story. Sad but written with compassion. I love the symbolism associated with freedom and the release of balloons. I guess true freedom exists on the other side. Well done.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by and reading me. I truly appreciate it. I'm technically still in Saturday so right now you are waiting for me in my future ;) Happy Sunday!

  9. the beauty in ur words just cant stop shining :)

    really beautiful!

  10. Wow this was really awesome. I was right in the story! Very cleaver.
    Love Di ♥

  11. When I find the feeling the author is trying to express, nothing else matters... and i couldn't read with a critical eye, coz they are in tears now... all that i know, is sometimes, tears speak more than comments..