Thursday, July 08, 2010


Ravenous in reading books
Even of tepid content
Always browsing their pages
Drifting to acrid moods
I was mostly rewarded
Never were books bane
Gobbling fiction my weakness


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Reading)
Also for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: acrid, bane, tepid)
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  1. Ah, books are good. One thing that's bad about blogging is I don't have the time I used to have for them.

  2. Books are wonderful things... they open up new worlds.

  3. Me, too Anthony, I have the same dilemma, but lately when I am not so active in blogging, I am back with my first love ~ reading novels and I'm hooked like an addict... :-)

  4. Woww!!!!! Beautiful Fantastic Acro. Missed Your Posts. Very Soon Will Read Those I Missed.

  5. I've dipped back into a classic, "To Kill A Mockingbird." Books are such wonder friends, such ticklers of our imagination.

  6. hey and the acro suits it the best..

    nice one dear..:) whr have u been these days? nice to read u always..

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  8. Nice one Amity, captures your fervor for reading! Like Anthony, I wish I had more time to read books.

  9. Used to read alot when I was a child, loved your verse.

    Have a great day.

  10. If I could jump into a book (literally) I would be a happy camper. Reading is the most wonderful thing to do, far greater than reality and the ride is always diverse. The best part is you can start over once you finish and relive countless lives between the pages. Nice acrostic, interesting choice of words.

  11. had to luk up in dictionary some f te words :)

  12. Very nice Amity! So you are a fiction lover, interesting! I love non-fiction. Love Di ♥

  13. Wow, Amity.. a coincidence, perhaps, about the same time I wrote something on books.. well we will keep it for some other occasion.. A lovely take on the prompt.. and the acorstic..fantasic..

    All that is acrid tends to become a bane and we make efforts for bringing it to tepid levels.. do visit me for 3WW..

  14. can easily relate to this :) good one !

  15. As always none can beat you in acrostic.

    missed your posts sis :)