Sunday, January 09, 2011

Celestial Abundance

Celestial sky
Milky way a splendor
Divine abundance! 


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Celestial

Prompt: Abundance


  1. Looking at a sky full of stars always fills me with awe...your words describe that feeling perfectly!

  2. Yes of course! The Milky Way is a splendor especially since we are a tiny part of it! ;)

    Glad to see you back Amity! Its been a really long time :)
    Hope all is well. :)

    My Haiku is 'Celestial Meal'

  3. The grandeur of creation what we see on earth really makes us wonder of the creations, energy and exuberance lying beyond.

    Nice words Amityto set one thinking :)

  4. divine abundance, wow..

    lovely Haiku.
    Glad to see you back.

  5. That was a beautiful sky, Amity. Yay you're back!
    Hugs, Love Di ♥

  6. Welcome back Amity and thanks for Celestial abundance.. very beautiful..

  7. Power of Haiku
    Just Made of 17 syllables
    Mesmerize many

    My love is Haiku grows like a root.. This is one of the most loved ones..

    Someone is Special