Sunday, January 09, 2011

Precious Time...

Kringgggg……kringggggg………..the alarm on my bedside kept blaring. This morning, I felt like squeezing it in my hand and stopping it from waking me up. Unwilling to get out of bed, I still feel groggy, giddy, with my eyelids drooping. Wanting to catch up the  sleep  that I lost while I kept tossing and turning for so many nights now.

It is always an effort and a struggle to get out of bed to get ready. But today being  a Saturday, I had no intention to be anything but lazy. After all it is only 4:19 AM in my lappy time and is too early I can still snuggle inside the blanket that is warm and comfy.

Sadly I could not sleep anymore after getting up for an urgent necessity. Reminded of the  promise I made to update my space soonest, to several of my buddies. Wanting to write but my mind still seemed to be lazy and hazy. Thoughts and ideas, groping from the dark, make me go crazy…:(

My mind is burdened with so many pressing concerns of late….Whatever I do, however much I try to manage my time, to keep my schedule right, I find my time is short while things remain undone on my plate. Isn’t that the dilemma of every busy body? I contemplate.

Time is always in short supply even on simple and mundane matters. Like sleeping, having breakfast, getting ready for work leaving me in tatters. What shall I do for bonding with family, singing,  enjoying being with nature. Have you found any way for me to get out of this discomfiture?


Written for Thursday Tales

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  1. Hey Amity!! Don't worry......groan moan feel groggy giddy and droopyand all else will last only for a few days and you will get into the grind again :D

    Look at it positively after darkness comes a bright new day :)

    Feel for you girl but do not worry about this passing phase :)