Tuesday, January 25, 2011

His Downfall

Pretty Woman by Tony Fernández

A noble man he was, noted for integrity
He created a fair name and position
In politics that was wicked and dirty
And oft looked upon with much derision

He had on his side strong foundation
Of being a family man with good education
Endowed with a beautiful wife to boot
He had no intention to plunder and loot.

 What avail to his reputation is spouse's beauty
If her empty mind is proud and haughty
When she speaks and acts in nature detriment
To her husband's interests and betterment.

When people mistook her actions as his
The popularity curve soon plunged to abyss
Unknown to him she in every area meddled
Till his political future was totally befuddled.


Written for JINGLE'S Monday Poetry Potluck

Jingle Poetry

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