Sunday, January 23, 2011


Posing as a decent and lovable guy
Luring her to believe in his decency
Revealing nothing but his honesty
He was truly a wicked personality
As evil as a hated devil could be.

He pushed her deep into a quagmire
Of ignominy and sheer hopelessness
In scuttling her escape he was ruthless
Ensuring her total dependence on him
And exploited to meet his every whim

Deeper, deeper driven into desperation
She steeled her mind into strong determination
To escape from his clutches her only aspiration
She resisted all his acts of abomination
With force only to face his cruel indignation

Little by little, she garnered the needed support
From a kind soul with whom she held rapport
Thanks to him, a brave new person she had become
Fearless, valiant and ready to face the outcome
When the promised help would soon come

For the wickedness he had employed
For debasing her with all his might
For the ruthless times he dealt with her
For the tacit moments of sheer shame
He would be made to own full blame

When rescue finally came from forces of law
The evil man could not escape from their steely claw
The menace needed a woman as tough as her
Who was not broken in spirit or shaken by fear
Till the culprit paid a price that was too dear

Thanks to her and her relentless stand
Many were saved from further disgrace
And the man despised by all for his depravity
Was taken to jail for being held in long captivity
And the quagmire was no more a cesspool.


Prompt: Quagmire

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