Saturday, January 08, 2011

Perfect Combination.... :)

I love the raindrops beat
That follows the sweltering heat
While in comfort I seat
In my warm bedroom window
Wafts  the sweet aroma
And the appealing aura
Of the  cup of hot tea
With lemon and honey
The feeling makes me comfy
In sync with the musical sea
That captures the raindrops
Also falling on my roof top!

Good morning buddies…it’s so cold today and is raining very hard, I
feel lazy getting out of bed, leaving the warm comfort it gives.

But listening to the musical raindrops on my roof and the friggin’
cold atmosphere, I would love to enjoy some truly hot cup of tea with
lemon and honey... ;)


  1. Hi Amity

    You can stay the whole day in bed
    Why Not ........... lols
    You are always lazy :P
    Come one,
    jump under the shower
    go walk in the rain
    and you are feeling much better :P

    Loved your poem
    its puurfect !!!!!!

    ( You are welcome on our ~ baby shower ~ !!)
    Jump this week in a plane ........ lols

    Hugs and ENJOY this weekend
    (No lazy moments :P)

    Kareltje & Betsie =^.^=

  2. Hi Amity and so snug like a bug in a rug!! :D Loved that part of hot lemon tea with honey..oooh yummmmy!!

    One can spend the entire day listening to the music of the seas and raindrops on the roof with the rest of the orchestra, sights and scenes.

    It is cold here but no rain so hot tea is blissful :D

  3. Nice tea .. Enjoy the warmth..Amity..Have a lovely day..

  4. I like the sound of falling rain!

  5. Cold rain,hot lemon tea withhoney,cozy bed and warm blanket and the msuic of the rain drops seem a perfect combination for a lazy day!

  6. Sounds like a perfect morning! :D have a great day.

  7. I would love to be by the sea right now, even if it were raining!
    Love Di ♥