Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Poor ISP!!!


Yes, our Internet Service Provider in our town is giving us a headache. And also our landline phone provider. No choice eh! For almost a year now, its services deteriorated for an unknown reason. This problem is the same in other places within the country and not just in our place.

What the hell is going on dear ISP? Your services sucks! Your services is not worth our money! We are always bound to pay diligently but what do we get? A buzzing phone, an on and off internet access which happens every five or less minutes? No dial tone most times of the day? An irritating dial tone if it happens there is a dial tone and the worst is, there is an internet signal, but mind is a fake signal :( Because we will never be able to connect to the net?

When will our sufferings end as your loyal customers? Do we really have any other choice? 

Pardon me but I have never written such a post like this, but now I am forced to do so coz I am so badly affected and not only me, I am speaking on behalf of the 100% subscribers in our place.

Please do something soon if you really want to provide the best service to your customers!!!

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