Saturday, November 13, 2010

O for Onomatopoeia

I endeavored to write a poem
Onomatopoeia in style and form
The sights and sounds of nature
And all of God’s amazing creatures

My day starts with cocks crowing
And the little birds endlessly chirping
With crows adding to bedlam by cawing
And tired husband happily snoring

I hear leaflets of paper flying
Soon the milkman's cycle is ringing
With the alert dogs barking
And the cows in the shed mooing

The kettle on the oven is whistling
With the kids to school crying
I'd catch for breath, heavily panting
And school bus repeatedly horning

 I grow mad with all the shouting
The croaking sound of frogs
A lovely-purring cat meowing
The parrots in cage talking

Butterflies in the garden fluttering
Noisy bees happily buzzing
Busy birds with wings flapping
Hungry puppies endlessly whining

Outside I see the roar of waterfall falling
The cool breeze gently whooshing
Yonder the waves on the rocks splashing
Yes, the sound of spring is already bubbling

Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

O for Onomatopoeia


  1. The poem is still ringing in my ears Amity and must say love the sounds, but not taking away anything from the sights you have created :) Lovely sound and sights poem :) can actually picture it!!

  2. very wonderful poetry.. and well written! :)

  3. very nice poetry...

    learnt a new word today...
    my o is an operation...

  4. Thanks so much Raj....yeah, it's true! :-)

  5. Thanks Sabi... :-) glad you loved it... :-)

  6. Thanks Lost, sure will check your Operation today.. :-)

  7. Thanks a lot Lost...sure will check your operation later today... :-)