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Around the World in Seven Days... !!!

Brent International SchoolEngland. Miss Fienes’ history class was a mix of different students drawn from different countries. The student-teacher interaction was always exciting. She could easily motivate her students to lend their ears on every lesson she would impart.

“Today, let’s have a tour around the world,” she made a cheerful introduction. “Let’s have an exciting journey which I would call “Around the World in Seven Days." It is time to take a peek of what is happening in the different countries around the world."

First leg of journey. (India)

“So guys, fasten your seatbelts, breath, relax and enjoy the flight”, Miss Fienes finally admonished. This is our first day in a series of seven days journey to take a tour around the world."

“Have you heard of Diwali Festival? I think Mahesh from India has a poem on Diwali. Mahesh, do come forward and read your poem” she said.

Today’s the `Festival of Lights’
A joyful day for one and all
Candles are lit
Crackers are burst
Spreading an array of colors
All are clad rich and new
Temples are thronged
Prayers are offered.

Mothers and daughters
prepare mithais and  diyas
Rangolis are drawn
in different colored powders
As children play merrily
Fathers and sons
are busy packing presents
doorways are hung with torans
of mango leaves and marigolds
Diwali is here!

Miss Fienes: Wow! That was excellent Mahesh. It gave us an idea of the colorful and dazzling Indian festival.”

The class then gave him a standing ovation. 

Second leg of journey. (Israel)

“Now I am taking you to our second journey. Where do you want to go now class?” she enquired of her students.

Abrahem raised his hand and suggested that he will bring them to Israel, his beloved country. Miss Fienes willingly agreed.

Abrahem told his classmates that in Israel, they celebrate the Feast of the Passover.

Miss Fienes: By the way Abrahem, do you know of any Passover Song you can share us?

Abrahem: Of course Ma’am. Let me sing it for you all.

Everyone became serious. They positioned themselves ready to listen intently.

And Abrahem solemnly sang his composition of a Passover Song:

They gathered as one
And broke the bread
They shared in a cup
To taste of Jesus’ blood.

It’s a feast of the Passover
A feast of the Passover
Everyone rejoices
A feast of the Passover

Bless are you O God
Master of the Universe
The great Creator
Who brings forth the vine?

It’s a feast of the Passover
A feast of the Passover
Everyone rejoices
A feast of the Passover.

Miss Fienes: I am amazed Abrahem. Everyone can sing with you next time and do teach us with the melody, okay?

Then the class gave a big round of applause with Abrahem’s beautiful rendition of his Passover song!

Third leg of journey. (Rome)

“Have any of you ever fallen in love? Did you say yes to a suitor on Valentine’s Day?” Miss Fienes asked her class with a naughty smile.

“And now let’s go to Rome where Valentine's Day Celebration originated and Cornelius will tour us around Rome. This is our third day and we should maximize our time. Cornelius, are you ready with your poem?” Miss Fienes asked.

Cornelius: As assigned Ma’am, I made several couplets, which I am sure would be relevant verses in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Miss Fienes: Okay Cornelius, read it, this time with feelings!

Laughter heard but Cornelius ignored them. Thus he read:

My heart beats so fast
Every time I see that vast!

You looked into my eyes
I gave you that wicked smile!

I felt butterflies in my stomach
The feelings is just too much!

Naughty cupid hit me with his arrow
I felt delirious like a singing sparrow!

I asked you if you really love me
You answered, “Go swim in the deep blue sea”!

The laughter became louder, and then Cornelius took a halt reading his couplets. Even Miss Fienes could only smile, trying to control herself from a boisterous reaction. Then she announced, “Well, Cornelius, that was fun!” 

Fourth leg of journey. ((Holland and the Netherlands)

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take off and see the beautiful Holland and nearby Netherlands. The land of the colorful, lovely tulips. Let’s see for ourselves what beauty is in store for us during their Dutch celebrations,” Miss Fienes narrated.

Miss Fienes: Anya, how’s your take home assignment?” Miss Fienes enquired of Anya.

Anya: Err, Ma’am, I am so sorry but all I could present now is an acrostic of the word TULIPS!

Miss Fienes: Care to share us your work then?

Then Anya went center stage in front of her classmates. They love and like Anya so much, because she’s intelligent and well…a beauty to behold like the lovely tulips.

These lovely, colorful flowers
Unquestionably one of the best
Lovely and charming like Miss Fienes
I wish I were a charming tulip
Pleasing decors on float's end to tip
So gorgeous one can worship!

Miss Fienes: Are you kidding Anya? I didn’t expect you to involve my name in your acrostic.
Anya: With a sincere heart Ma’am, I mean it! Isn’t Miss Fienes like the beautiful tulips classmates?

Classmates: Yes Anya!!!

"Okay, stop it now….since we’re here to enjoy the journey, meantime, why not, say I am a pink tulip!” she declared with an endearing smile.

Everyone clapped.

Fifth leg of journey. (USA)

This is our fifth day, and we will visit Washington D.C., the seat of the US government,” narrated Miss Fienes. 

It’s almost Christmas, have you done your assignment of writing a shape poem on Christmas. Anyone from the group? Share me what is Christmas in the US. The best place where Christmas can be celebrated,” she told her students.

Alyssa: I tried one this evening Ma’am and hope this merits your approval.

Miss Fienes: Go ahead Alyssa. I’d clap when I am pleased and my silence means I am not impressed after you’re done reading your poem. 
its top, bright
colorful lights are
hanged around the
tree. Colorful balls add
glitter and glamour. Ti’s the
season to be merry and jolly.
Singers sing merry Christmas
carols. Gifts will be wrapped and
will be opened on Christmas day.
A bounty will be prepared to be shared
by everyone. Relatives and friends gather
around the tree, exchange and open gifts.
Dad will act as Santa Claus. Mom would be
seen kissing Santa. I will hang a stocking on a
door to let Santa put in there all my wishes for
bells are
to one
and all!
Have a joyous Christmas Celebrations!

Miss Fienes took a deep breath. All eyes were glued to her, excited to see of her reaction to Alyssa’s poem, then with a sudden beam on her face, she….clapped and clapped. Alyssa heaved a sigh of relief. 
"I am impressed Alyssa. You did your homework well."

Sixth leg of journey. (China)

“And, this is our sixth day of our journey. Fasten your seatbelts and together we’ll watch how the Chinese people celebrate New Year,” announced Miss Fienes.

Kong Wonu: Ma’am I made a short free style poem about my childhood experiences of Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

Miss Fienes: Okay, go ahead Kong Wonu.

When I was a kid
I was excited to receive
Lai-see envelops
And happily gallops

Inside it I knew
Money would overflow
I would be so happy
With a gait so snappy

I will wear new clothes
With strides so composed
I will visit relatives
At my own initiative

Chinese New Year
Everybody so dear
Everyone’s birthday
Tis’ a happy holiday.

Kong Wonu: “That’s all I can do now Ma’am.

Miss Fienes: Well...It sounds festive and am impressed. Take your seat now Kong Wonu!

Seventh leg of journey. (Philippines)

“Now,  we are on our last leg of journey. Don’t you like to come with me to the Philippines?” she asked her students. “Yes Ma’am,” they answered in chorus. “If yes, then fasten your seatbelt, and in an hour or so our plane will be there. Let us see how they celebrate Flower Festival there. I heard from Christina that its fun."

So I brought my inquisitive students to the Philippines on the seventh day, the last leg of our journey,” narrated Miss Fienes.

Miss Fienes: Christina, have you anything to share with us now before we will land on the Pearl of the Orient Seas?

Christina: Yes Ma’am. I was able to pen a loop poem about the Flower Festival in Baguio City, otherwise known in our dialect as 'Panagbenga'.

Miss Fienes: Okay, go ahead, share it with us Christina.

It's again Panagbenga time
time when flowers bloom
bloom in colorful hues
hues that give life to the city
city of sweet-scented pines
pines that make the climate cool
cool enough to attract tourists
tourists that come in groups
groups that will enjoy and have fun
fun moments watching floats parade
parade of different company floats
floats decorated for the festival
festival annually celebrated
celebrated in the month of February
February as peak season
season of flowers galore!

Miss Fienes: Christina, that was really colorful and fantastic!

Christina: Yes, Ma’am! And yearly, thousands of tourists flock to the cool city of pines just to watch the floats' parade in two days!

Miss Fienes: Well, I can imagine how festive and jovial that Flower Festival and could even vividly picture those colorful flowers galore decorated on floats! I should spend a week's holiday in the Philippines soon to see it for myself Christina!

Christina: Oh sure, Ma'am, I am delighted and honored, so be my happy guest soon!

“Okay guys, We have had an exciting trip around the world savouring some of the festive spirit in different places. I am sure you would have enjoyed as much as I did. Let us call it a day and class is now dismissed...."

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  1. Firstly my congratulations for the past BAT 15. Indeed celebrations a single word, with more or less a single meaning, with different expression.
    Just like the BAT contest as every single opinion varies , so does the mood in different countries.
    May this post gives you another reason to celebrate this month, with all best wishes from my side.

  2. Holey Moley-the amount of effort you put into your writing by itself should be adequate to garner you accolades.
    But my personal favourite remains your choice of names-i will not say much about Ms. Fienes lest you rib me the way you did for Lynette !!
    Thanks for starting with India-kept waiting for Phillipines and sure enough, there it was to round the celebrations off !! ;)

  3. With the clouds as the background Amity.. the travel was amazing. And well, happy diwali to you! Your post was interesting, unique and most importantly, embodied the spirit of celebration and also the different unique methods of celebrating that people have. good show and all the luck!

  4. Hey Amity you have done it again and guess what you have again been successful. Really thoughtful post and I can imagine how much effort must have gone in making this post.

    All the best fro BAT-16

    Vikas Khair - Celebrations

  5. Wow , prose, poetry and all things wonderful. I enjoyed reading this a lot.
    Best wishes and good luck to you .

  6. nice one :-) wish i really could go on a trip like that!! Oh, and nice photos.

  7. Interesting,...I wasn't wrong when I idolized you as the great bloggers Amity. This is a hard one,..but you make it.

  8. wohoooo i travelled all around the world amity...hats off amity...u had it hall...celebration of poetry as well as all the cultures...loved it to core dear..

  9. Amity you are immensely talented and loved the way you created a bouquet of celebration from all over the word.keep it up and all the best for the BAT.

  10. Amity.. Wonderful journey.. So sweet and the way you made students to say about their festivall... Wow nice thoughts.. Nice forms.. Loved it..

    Sorry for visiting late... I was totally busy all these days..

    --Someone Is Special--

  11. HI SiS, I could understand, me too am busy lately but still would try to sneak in office once in a while to visit blogs... :-) Thanks SiS, glad you loved my Celebrations entry... :-) Even I like yours, too! ATB for BAT 16!

  12. Hi Parul...thank you so much.. :-) Glad you loved my presentation, words and creativity...your comment is inspiring! :-)

  13. Hi D2,

    Thanks so much...glad you loved the journey and the presentation...all the best to you to! :-)

  14. What an interesting post and so much of research work too!! You have done it so perfectly and enjoyed every word there.

    The Deepavali from India was so perfect an ideal one at that too!!
    But Deepavali has no candles Amity just oil wick lamps :) that is traditionally speaking :)

  15. Wow! I so loved the diversity on display. That is a great one Amity.

    I loved the loop poem the most.

    Very pretty. There's so much stuff happening in the world.

    Tell me something - on what basis did you decide your countries? Was it random? Great post.

  16. Thank you dearest... :-) yes, i did some research works here to come up with this... :-) And thanks for your output on Deepavali... :-) How I wish I could see for myself that pompous Diwali celebration of your country... :-) Btw, Vhibs has invited me... and am happy if that will will be a dream come true Nanka... :-)

  17. Hi Kshitij;

    Thanks so mucho and glad you loved the diversity...loop poem? oh it's fun writing it too...and challenging of course...yes you are right, I did it on random, making my country the last...but I have great blogging friends from india, from the Netherlands and the US too...:-)

    Again, thanks so much Kshitij... :-)